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(Blazer by H&M, Top and Shoes by Banana Republic (outlet), Pants by Old Navy, Necklace by Aldo) 

I'm fighting a cold & really looking forward to the weekend.
Happy Friday!
xo jules



(Cardigan by Gap, Top by Off the Wall, Skirt by F21, Belt by J. Crew, Sandals by Aldo) 

If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember this outfit from last week.
I followed this tutorial from Jessica Quirk for my big ballerina bun and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  Unfortunately by lunch time I wanted to let my hair down since the elastic was so tight, and I felt nervous about going to the gym at lunch too since I was pretty sure my 'do wouldn't survive and I didn't want to deal with doing it all over again.  So, don't expect to be seeing this hairdo every week ;)
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What I wore on this day last year:

Weekend Recap


(Sweater by H&M, Scarf by Joe Fresh, Pants by Gap, Shoes by Urban Outfitters) 

This outfit feels very "me", you know what I mean?  I love when that happens, it just makes me so much more confident.  Anyways, what did you all get up to this weekend?
T and I were extremely lazy, we didn't leave the apartment once!
-Friday night we went for sushi with my brother (in town coaching rugby), then to see The XX at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre downtown.  We had front row tickets and it was a great show!
-Saturday we slept in an almost outrageous amount, watched Oz the Great and Powerful and Prometheus (for the third time! still grosses me out!).
-Sunday we started watching the BBC TV series "Luther" and quickly became addicted to it and T did some painting as well (he's painting something for our living room wall).

I hope you had a great weekend too, whatever you were doing!
And Happy Memorial Day to all my US readers!
xo jules
Here's what I wore on this day last year:

A Tricky Combo


(Sweater by H&M, Skirt by Song, Boots by Aldo, Necklace by F21) 

Something about pairing a short skirt with boots always makes me feel a bit trampy, but then I remembered this post from Kendi, which lead to this post by me last year, and decided to go for it.  I think the key is balancing the outfit by wearing a casual, looser top (definitely with longer sleeves) and making sure the skirt isn't tooooo short (this one has an elastic waist so I was pulling it down throughout the day).  Thoughts?
xo jules

Here's what I wore on this day last year:

Weekend Recap (I know, it's Wednesday)


(Blazer by Urban Outfitters, Tank by Off the Wall, Pants by H&M, Shoes by Banana Republic (outlet), Bracelet by Aldo, Necklace by F21) 

Last weekend was a long one, and we:

-Had friends from Seattle come visit & stay with us
-Went out for brunch & had the server make an ingenious suggestion when I couldn't decide between a Feta, Spinach & Artichoke Eggs Benny or Blueberry French Toast: get a half order of each!
-Took them to the Vancouver Aquarium (we skipped it since we've been recently)
-Finally got our car washed and filled up with gas
-Went swimsuit shopping at Billabong (I got a new top!)
-Had drinks at the awesome Cactus Club English Bay patio (Spiked Frapps are our fave)
-Went out for dinner at Locus on Main Street (try the Braised Boar Poutine!)
-Saw Star Trek: Into Darkness
-Almost got a parking ticket since the movie was longer than 2 hours and I couldn't put more time on the meter, then was so relieved when the parking cop let us off with a warning
-Ate two Cupcakes
-Had Mango gelato from La Casa Gelato (my first time at this Vancouver landmark!)
xo jules

The Queen


(Top by Banana Republic (outlet), Jeans by J Brand, Sandals & Bracelet by Aldo, Necklace by F21) 
Hi everyone!
Today in Canada we are celebrating Queen Victoria's Birthday (she was born in 1801!)
 Similarly to the US's Memorial Day Weekend, this long weekend typically marks the beginning of summer ... at least in our minds!  This week I think the weather won't exactly be summer-esque, but we've had a pretty great 3 days this past weekend.  

xo jules 

Here's what I wore on this day last year:

Wear to Work Link-Up


(Dress by Urban Outfitters, Slip unknown, Shoes by Aldo, Necklace by Joe Fresh) 

Hi everyone, happy Thursday!

Today I'm participating in Tara's "Wear to Work Link-Up" so head on over to her site to check out all the other great entries and get some fresh ideas for daily work dressing!
xo jules

I'm Repeating Myselft, Aren't I?


(Dress by Forever 21, Belt by H&M, Shoes & Bracelet by Aldo) 

I feel like I say this every time I wear this dress, but if you look closely, it has a cute orange polka dot pattern on it that you might not notice at first.
Anyways, on to more exciting news:  I met Bryan Cranston today!
I've never met a celebrity before, and I love Breaking Bad, so I was feeling a little starstruck.  Apparently he is in town filming a movie (a quick Google search told me it's a Godzilla remake) and he just stopped into the gallery to check out the art.  He's super nice, in case you were wondering :)
xo jules
Here's what I wore on this day last year:

Currently Craving: May 2013


1. Gap 1969 Always Skinny Jeans in White $69.50
2. Call it Spring Carminea wedge sandal $49.98 (on sale)
3. Call it Spring Tadea black flat sandal $35.00
4. Forever 21 Essential Floral Sketched Pencil Skirt $21.80
5. Forever 21 Cutout Batik Dress $23.80
6. American Eagle Dark Denim Midi Short $40.36
7. Le Chateau White Lace Peplum Top $59.95

xo jules

Inverse - Purple Dress, Black Topper


(Cardigan by Zara, Dress by Gap (outlet), Sandals by Aldo, Necklace by Tiffany & Co.) 

Does this outfit look familiar?
Well, it should because I wore basically the inverse of it just last week!

Thankfully, this weekend went exactly as planned.  Meaning, we had no plans ... 
I had a mini freak out on Thursday night - as we were getting ready for bed T confirmed that his friend (and his friend's wife) were coming to visit for the weekend ... which I had completely forgotten about!  Normally I love having guests, but I need some time to mentally prepare for entertaining.  And I had already mentally prepared for not doing anything on the weekend, and was really looking forward to it!  Long story short, they didn't end up coming and I got the relaxing weekend I wanted, and they are now coming this weekend so I have a whole week to prepare!
xo jules

Here's what I wore on this day last year:

Grey and Red


(Top & Pants by H&M, Sandals & Necklace by Aldo) 

Hi everyone!  What exciting plans do you have for the weekend?
We don't have any, I am working tomorrow and will probably just want to hang out at home and relax on Sunday.  Both T & I's Mums live out of town so we don't have any Mother's Day duties to attend to, though I love any excuse for brunch!
xo jules
Here's what I wore on this day last year:

Thoughts on the Met Gala


 (Cardigan by Gap, Dress by Banana Republic (outlet), Sandals & Necklace by Aldo)

Normally I don't post about red-carpet fashion but this year's Met Gala definitely had some themes that I wasn't digging.  To be fair, the theme of the evening and exhibition was Punk: Chaos to Couture.  But I felt like too many celebs (or their stylists) took a too-literal (hello, studs) or too-goth (hello, major dark lipstick) take on the whole thing.
Also, everyone was just way too tanned.

Check out all the looks here.

xo jules 

ere's what I wore on this day last year:
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