A bit concerned


(Sweater & Skirt by H&M, Shoes by Payless, Necklace by Aldo) 

I logged into Blogger to post this and all the blogs in my Reading List were gone.  Considering I have about 30, I was not thrilled in the least about this.  Luckily, a simple log in/log out worked its magic and the blogs are back.
These photos were taken post-work as opposed to pre-work, which is when I usually take them.  I did snap some this AM (though in a serious rush!) but they didn't turn out.  These are a bit better.
This is my first time wearing this H&M $14.95 Skirt and I really like it!  It's not too tight, not too high waisted, and a really pretty colour.  Plus the lace overlay adds interest.  I highly recommend it!
xo jules


  1. This outfit looks great on you! I like the idea of pairing the dressier lace skirt with a basic grey sweater to make the outfit a bit more casual and then tying the pieces together with the necklace. I am taking notes! xok

  2. The same thing with Blogger happens to me all the weird. I love this skirt! It looks great on you, I might have to swing by H&M :).


  3. Aww! I think I'm on your reading list - and if it's only comprised of 30 that makes me feel special :D
    The Fashionable ESQ


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