June Outfits Week Two




Hi everyone!  How are you?

I mentioned last week that we were going to go to the Okanagan either this weekend or next weekend and we've decided to go next weekend!  I always edit my photos and write my blog post on the weekend so I'm not sure when next week's blog will get posted but I will let you know!

As you can see from my outfits, the weather was definitely warmer this week and I am here for it!

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Jules in Flats - Yellow Mini Skirt with Striped Button Up (Business Casual Spring Workwear on a Budget)

Jules in Flats - Yellow Mini Skirt with Striped Button Up (Business Casual Spring Workwear on a Budget)
Striped Top by Old Navy (old, similar)
Skirt by Forever 21 (old, similar)
Edie Leather Loafers by J.Crew Factory

Jules in Flats - Heart Print Tank with Green Ankle Pants (Business Casual Spring Workwear on a Budget)

Jules in Flats - Heart Print Tank with Green Ankle Pants (Business Casual Spring Workwear on a Budget)
Blazer by Forever 21 (old, similar)
Top by Smart Set (old, similar)
Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle Pants by Old Navy (old colour, similar)
Zoe Suede D'Orsay Flats by J.Crew Factory

Jules in Flats - Pink Midi Dress (Business Casual Spring Workwear on a Budget)

Jules in Flats - Pink Midi Dress (Business Casual Spring Workwear on a Budget)Midi Dress by Banana Republic Factory (old, similar)
Belt by H&M (old, similar)
Sandals by H&M (old, similar)

Jules in Flats - Flutter Sleeve Jumpsuit (Business Casual Spring Workwear on a Budget)

Jules in Flats - Flutter Sleeve Jumpsuit (Business Casual Spring Workwear on a Budget)
Jumpsuit by Old Navy
Scalloped Sandals by J.Crew Factory 

The shopping orders that I talked about last week arrived and I am loving this jumpsuit from Old Navy!  Honestly as soon as I put it on I felt so good!  Such a nice feeling when the majority of my online shopping has been making me feel like shit!  LOL . The gingham peplum top was also a keeper which I'm sure I'll wear next week, and I haven't tried on the high-rise ankle pants yet but since I already own a pair I'm sure they'll be fine.  Unfortunately the only keeper from my A&F order was this tie-front tank, and the blazer I ordered felt too oversized, so it's going back as well.  Surprisingly, I didn't do any other shopping this week, so let's get straight into this week's outfits!

Outfit #1: I was really happy with this outfit!  I felt like I pulled together two items I haven't worn in awhile into a cute new look.  Sometimes I feel like I'm just wearing the same things over and over again but with this outfit I felt like I was wearing something fresh and new!

Outfit #2: I feel like I have worn this exact outfit before (and I probably have!).  It got warmer later in the day so I ditched the blazer.  It's a fine outfit - not bad but not great IMO.

Outfit #3: I love when it gets warm enough that I can wear this sleeveless midi dress!  This dress comes with a removable tie-belt in the same colour and fabric, so I will often switch that out like I did here to keep it interesting.

Outfit #4:  I love this outfit and felt like a million bucks in it!  Also I finally got to wear the J.Crew Factory scalloped sandals I bought months ago.  They are a tiny bit stiff at the heels but I'm hoping they will soften up with wear.

Other than that, our outdoor fireplace and new couch arrived this week!  We haven't sold the old couch yet, so I'm hoping to do that this weekend so that we can get our second bedroom back (we're storing it in there for the time being).

I hope you all have a great weekend and thank you for visiting!


June Outfits Week One


Hi everyone!  Welcome to June!

I was looking through some of the outfits I wore in June from year's past for an Instagram #tbt post and I have to say, it looked like it was a lot warmer back then!  LOL Buuuut last weekend we had some pretty nice days (I got sunburnt!) and next week it's supposed to get to 30 degrees (Celsius) mid-week!

I had wanted to go to the Okanagan this weekend to visit my family but unfortunately the timing didn't work out - they were busy with life and the weather wasn't looking great, so we're rescheduling for either next weekend (Father's Day) or the one after that. 

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 Cap Sleeve Button-Up by Old Navy
Wide Leg Cropped Pants by J.Crew (old colour)
Suede Bow Mules by Town Shoes (old, similar)

Scalloped Cami by J.Crew Factory
Midi Skirt from Nordstrom Rack (old, similar)
Cardigan by Old Navy
Zoe Suede D'Orsay Flats by J.Crew Factory

Cropped Sweater by H&M (old, similar)
Darontal Pants by Wilfred (Aritzia, sold out, similar)
Mules by Town Shoes (old, similar)
Double Circle Pendant Necklace by ? (old, similar)

Tie-Neck Pleated Swing Dress by Old Navy (old, similar, similar, similar)
Zoe Leopard D'Orsay Flats by J.Crew Factory (old, new version)

So, this weekend we don't have any plans because we didn't think we'd be here!  Tony bought a bunch of plants for the garden so I think he's going to work on that, and I'd love to do some more suntanning on our patio if the weather allows!  LOL

On my last post before the Monthly Outfit Roundup, I shared that an online order from Gap/Old Navy had arrived but I hadn't tried anything on yet, so I wanted to give you an update on that.  I had ordered some denim shorts (thesethesethese)white jeans (these, these, these), sweatpants, midi dresses (this in blue and pink, this) and workout tanks (thisthisthis).  What I ended up keeping were these denim shorts from Gap in size 28, this pair of white jeans in size 4 (for now, I'm going to wear them around the house first), and the workout tanks in size xs.  I'm so sad none of the midi dresses worked out!

This week I did some more shopping (#duh) and ordered this jumpsuit in blue floral, this cute gingham top with peplum, these high-rise pants for work in black and red (I have them in the black dot pattern already), this cute casual top for summer (it was $6!!), a pretty tie-front cami, this lightweight lacy tank that I think will be cute for work and weekend, and this white linen blazer.  I'll give you an update on what I'm keeping once everything arrives!

In the meantime, let's talk about this week's looks.  Outfit #1 I was really happy with.  I haven't worn those J.Crew culottes in awhile but they are so great for spring and summer because they are lightweight and the colour is perfect for the season.  Unfortunately they don't seem to be making these pants in this colour anymore!  Or at least not right now.  The top is from Old Navy and I bought it awhile ago, knowing it would be perfect for summer and that I could wear it both to work and on the weekend.  It also comes in a white version with blue dots. 

Outfit #2: I wanted to wear a midi skirt this day as the backs of my legs were burnt and am glad I thought to pair it with this new cami from J.Crew Factory as I hadn't worn it yet!  I wore the white/ivory version here with plaid pants and you guys loved that outfit!

Outfit #3:  This outfit is so simple.  It was a black pant day and I didn't want to wear my Pixie's because they're feeling a bit tight these days.  This pair from Aritiza fit differently; they are lower on the waist and have an elastic panel in the back.  Because they have different fit (at the waist and also the leg is more of a straight fit rather than slim/skinny) I can't wear the same tops I would with my Pixie's.  So I paired them with an old cropped sweater from H&M, a gold necklace and some simple mules that have a gold detail on the heel and I think it works!

Outfit #4:  Another simple look with items I've had in my closet for years!  I love these Old Navy swing dresses, you've seen me wear them in various colours and patterns many times.  This time I paired my solid-coloured dress with the pattern of the season: leopard!  J.Crew Factory has updated their leopard flats since then but these are basically the same.

Anyways, what have you all been buying and wearing?  Let me know in the comments below!


Monthly Outfit Roundup: May 2019


Jules in Flats Monthly Outfit Roundup: May 2019

Hi everyone!

Here's a look at what I wore to work in May.

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You can see all of my monthly outfit roundups here.

As always, thank you for reading!

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