December Outfits Week One


Jules in Flats - December Outfits (Business Casual Winter Workwear on a Budget).

Jules in Flats - December Outfits (Business Casual Winter Workwear on a Budget).

Hi everyone, Happy December!

Last weekend we put our Christmas tree up and it makes me so happy to see it glowing in the corner of our living room!  I've done a bit of Christmas shopping so far, but I'm really only buying for Tony this year, one gift each for our niece and nephew, plus one 'white elephant' gift for the family.  My work's holiday party is on Tuesday and we do a white elephant gift exchange there as well, so I'm waiting to see if there are good ideas there before I buy my family gift!

Monthly Outfit Roundup: November 2019

November Outfits Week Four


Jules in Flats - November Outfits

Jules in Flats - November Outfits

Hi everyone!  How are you?

I am having a bit of a week tbh with you.  I got my period, my skin is freaking out and it's been really cold out.  Also, how is it December tomorrow??  Part of me is excited because it means I can put up our Christmas tree!  But the other part is like 'where did the year go?'

Last weekend I started watching The Crown Season 3 - it is very good!  I'm kind of annoyed they changed the actors for Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, but not Prince Phillip and The Earl of Snowdon though.  They all aged!  Having said that, Olivia Colman and Helena Bonham Carter are great, but I can't quite get over seeing them as actresses first, and the characters they play second.  Do you know what I mean?  The actor that plays Prince Charles this year is really really good - something about him reminds me of a younger Adam Driver.

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