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Hi guys!
I was so productive today and it feels awesome :) ... so much better than yesterday!

I had the day off and I:

- Ironed a bunch of clothes (I rarely iron properly so this was a long time coming!)
- Put away said bunch of clothes and another bunch that's been hanging out on the floor
- Took all the bottom cushions off the couch and washed the covers
- Vacuumed the couch under the cushions (so many crumbs!)

- Vacuumed behind the couch and in/on top of the baseboard heater back there
- Washed all my bras

- Did Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown DVD. Level 1 AND 2!
- Went to Home Depot to buy long staples for the staple gun

- Used long staples to reattach the velcro strips of the couch underlay to the couch frame (if you have an Ikea couch, you know what I mean!)  This is a project that has been put off for at least a year!  Feels sooo good to have it done!
- Went grocery shopping
- Made breakfast/snacks for the week: Lemon Blueberry Loaf
- Made lunch for the week: Quinoa Salad

I hope you all had an awesome day too!
xo jules
P.S. If you're interested, I didn't make the syrup & glaze for the lemon blueberry loaf as I don't think I need the extra sugar & the quinoa salad calls for wild rice rather than quinoa as you'll see if you follow the link ... but I don't think it really matters!  Also I didn't measure the craisins, cashews etc as I didn't have much in the cupboard so I just used what I had in there.  I also had some Iceberg lettuce which needed using so I'm going to add that to the quinoa salad too.  MMM!

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