Inverse - Purple Dress, Black Topper

(Cardigan by Zara, Dress by Gap (outlet), Sandals by Aldo, Necklace by Tiffany & Co.) 

Does this outfit look familiar?
Well, it should because I wore basically the inverse of it just last week!

Thankfully, this weekend went exactly as planned.  Meaning, we had no plans ... 
I had a mini freak out on Thursday night - as we were getting ready for bed T confirmed that his friend (and his friend's wife) were coming to visit for the weekend ... which I had completely forgotten about!  Normally I love having guests, but I need some time to mentally prepare for entertaining.  And I had already mentally prepared for not doing anything on the weekend, and was really looking forward to it!  Long story short, they didn't end up coming and I got the relaxing weekend I wanted, and they are now coming this weekend so I have a whole week to prepare!
xo jules

Here's what I wore on this day last year:

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