Monthly Outfit Roundup: January 2017


Jules in Flats - Monthly Outfit Roundup January 2017
(I apologize for the image quality here, I was having problems with Blogger making the image smaller.  If you have any tips, please let me know!  I will keep trying to fix and update!)

Hi everyone!  It's January 31, so here's a look at what I wore to work this month!

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Row 1: Here
Row 2: Here
Row 3: Here
Row 4: Here
Row 5: Here, here (scroll down!), here

You can see all of my monthly outfit roundups here.

As always, thank you for reading!


  1. HI! I love your blog. I too prefer to wear flats over heels so this blog gives my life a little more grounding. I wanted you to know that your links for Row 5 refer back to Rows 2 & 3. I really like the first dress in row 5. Keep up the good work :)

    1. HI Amy! Thanks for your comment, I'm so glad you like my blog!

      Yes, the first two outfits in Row 5 are from Weeks 2 and 3 ... if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the posts you will see those outfits.

      Thanks again!
      xo Jules

  2. So many great work looks. My favorites are in the first and last rows. Well done.

    Do come by and join my latest linkup and share your special style with my readers. Love your style Jules. Thanks and happy weekend! A brand-new linkup is live every Thursday!

  3. These are all great outfits! I absolutely love the grey dress and black vest :)
    Thank you for linking up with Weekend Wear


  4. I'm so excited to find your blog. I love your fashion style and am going to copy some of your looks! Quick question, do you wear little footie socks under your flats and if so, have you found a brand that doesn't slip?

    1. Thanks so much! I don't wear little footie socks in my flats, sorry! xo

    2. That's, OK! Just wondered!

  5. love the reach out to fashion street bloggers, but cupcakes and cashmere & the blonde salad are blogs consisting mostly of themselves wearing different outfits. A few other awesome street blogs are: all the pretty birds, lee oliveira & le 21

  6. You’re always looking so wonderful in all of your outfits! I like your all dressed very much!

  7. Your outfits are awesome . But do you repeat u r clothing in month

  8. I always love your beautiful outfit posts and to see the companies you work with. You always have such great taste in clothes!

    Harold Burton

  9. I love this look on you! You manage to make this look both comfy & polished at the same time! I have a question about leggings for anyone that might have input. I wonder if anyone has compared the leggings with Glamour Farms to the ones styled here? Or if any one has other suggestions about leggings – specifically for someone who is petite height By the way I did just get the AHH mazing full length shaper from Glamour Farms & it is awesome! I wanted to try the leggings – but wondered about the length etc.Kelly Hubbard


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