Jules in Flats - January Outfits Week 4 (business casual workwear on a budget)

Jules in Flats - January Outfits Week 4 (business casual workwear on a budget)

Jules in Flats - Gap Merino Wool Cardigan, Old Navy Crew Neck Layering Tee and Pixie Pants, J.Crew Factory Leopard D'Orsay Flats
Top by Old Navy
Cardigan by Gap (this colour not online)
Pants "Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle" by Old Navy
Leopard D'Orsay Flats by J.Crew Factory (old, similar-ish)
Necklace by (old, similar)
Earrings by (old, similar)

Jules in Flats - Old Navy Pleated Tie-Neck Swing Dress, Gap Vest, Aldo Deloris shoes
Pleated Tie-Neck Swing Dress by Old Navy (old colour)
Sweater Vest by Gap Factory (old, similar)
Tights by Gap Factory (old, similar)
Shoes "Deloris" by Aldo
Necklace by  (old, similar)
Earrings by Joe Fresh (similar set)

Jules in Flats - Old Navy Oversized Textured Sweater, Pixie Pants and Sueded Booties
 Sweater by Old Navy (old, similar)
Pants "Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle" by Old Navy (old colour)
Booties by Old Navy
Necklace by Banana Republic Factory (old, similar)
Earrings by Joe Fresh (similar set)
Ring by Tiffany & Co.

Jules in Flats - Old Navy Swing Dress, Dynamite Waterfall Vest
 Swing Dress by Old Navy (old colour)
Vest by Dynamite (similar)
Tights by Gap Factory (old, similar)
"Ellen" Flats by Vince Camuto Outlet
Necklace by H&M (old, similar)
Earrings by Joe Fresh (similar set)

Hi everyone!  How are you?!

I'm good ... but tired ... I think I need another cup of coffee this morning lol.  I went to bed with a headache last night and woke up with one this morning so that's not fun.  But anyways, as I was putting together this post I realized how much Old Navy I wore last week!

In other news, I have created a new SHOP page which you can access from underneath my header logo.  Since I wear a lot of the same items over and over again (Pixie Pants, Aldo Bazovica Flats etc.) I figured it would be helpful to put all of those items in one spot in case you want to access them without scrolling through outfit posts.  I've also included casual items I wear and love (my favourite jeans, sneakers, leggings) and workout clothes (tops, sports bras, runners) which you might be interested in even though I don't show them in outfit posts here on the blog.  This page is only for items I own and love!!  I was also thinking about putting together a beauty post but in the meantime have linked up most of the beauty products I own and love on the SHOP page under "Beauty" (scroll down past "Clothes and Shoes").  Unfortunately some items I use are not available for the widget (I don't know why?!), like my primer and waterproof liquid liner.  BUT if you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Anyways, I hope you have a great weekend and cheers to (almost) February!!

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  1. Super cute looks! I love the office wear options, but could still wear them separately for a casual day at home!


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