Risky Business


(Top by Esprit, Skirt by Joe Fresh, Scarf by F21, Shoes by Aldo, Earrings by no name) 

Have you guys seen Risky Business ?  I never had until last night, and knew nothing of the movie except that Tom Cruise dances in socks, underwear and a button-down.  Well, I have to say I was a little shocked that the movie bordered on soft-core porn at times and that the whole movie was about call-girls and high school boys!  Oops, I guess I should have said 'spoiler alert' before that sentence :)
xo jules



(Blazer & Pants by H&M, Shirt by American Eagle, Shoes by Banana Republic (outlet), Rings by Le Chateau & Tiffany & Co., Necklaces by F21 & Tiffany & Co.) 

This outfit came together in a snap this morning... I love when that happens!
I had originally thought about wearing a red dress with this blazer, but I was cold in bed this morning and wanted to wear something a bit warmer so it's only natural that the red pants were chosen instead!
These H&M pants were successfully shrunk this weekend and I am so much happier with the fit (see befores here & here).

I just added a Facebook 'Like' button to my posts so please feel free to 'Like' any of my outfits (or ramblings!) ... I know that may be easier and/or faster than leaving a comment for a lot of you (I'm looking at you, family!)     
xo jules

This and That


(Top by Aritzia, Jeans by J Brand, Sandals by Spring Shoes) 

Hi guys!
I was so productive today and it feels awesome :) ... so much better than yesterday!

I had the day off and I:

- Ironed a bunch of clothes (I rarely iron properly so this was a long time coming!)
- Put away said bunch of clothes and another bunch that's been hanging out on the floor
- Took all the bottom cushions off the couch and washed the covers
- Vacuumed the couch under the cushions (so many crumbs!)

- Vacuumed behind the couch and in/on top of the baseboard heater back there
- Washed all my bras

- Did Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown DVD. Level 1 AND 2!
- Went to Home Depot to buy long staples for the staple gun

- Used long staples to reattach the velcro strips of the couch underlay to the couch frame (if you have an Ikea couch, you know what I mean!)  This is a project that has been put off for at least a year!  Feels sooo good to have it done!
- Went grocery shopping
- Made breakfast/snacks for the week: Lemon Blueberry Loaf
- Made lunch for the week: Quinoa Salad

I hope you all had an awesome day too!
xo jules
P.S. If you're interested, I didn't make the syrup & glaze for the lemon blueberry loaf as I don't think I need the extra sugar & the quinoa salad calls for wild rice rather than quinoa as you'll see if you follow the link ... but I don't think it really matters!  Also I didn't measure the craisins, cashews etc as I didn't have much in the cupboard so I just used what I had in there.  I also had some Iceberg lettuce which needed using so I'm going to add that to the quinoa salad too.  MMM!

Hungry Hungry Hippo


(Sweater by Gap, Skirt by H&M, Shoes by Urban Outfitters, Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.) 

You guys.
Today I had one of those days when all I could do was think about food and eat food.  You know the ones ?  Please tell me you do.

Here's hoping for a healthier tomorrow!
xo jules

A Birthday Weekend


(Shirt by Esprit, Skirt by H&M, Shoes by Aldo, Necklace by Joe Fresh) 

Today was so beautiful here in Vancouver! A close family member of mine is having her first baby this weekend and I am so excited!  She is 400 km away but all my love is with her tonight as she brings a new life into this world xoxox
xo jules


(Cardigan & Top by H&M, Jeans by J Brand, Sandals by Aldo, Necklace by Joe Fresh) 

Good morning!

Just a quick hello before work ... we are going to be taking down a show today and hanging a new one which will open tomorrow.  And tonight T and I are going to see Bon Iver in Deer Lake Park.

Oh, how you do like my new 'do ?

Have a great Friday!
xo jules

Pink Panther


(Cardigan by Gap, Dress by Banana Republic (outlet), Belt by Aldo (I think?), Scarf by unknown, Shoes by Urban Outfitters, Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.) 

I love this dress!  It is made out of soft, stretchy cotton, but not the kind that is so thin that it feels see-through.  The pattern is bold, but abstract (ie, not animal print or florals or some other trend that goes in and out of style every other year) and black and white so it goes with everything.  A dark all-over print like this has the added benefit of camouflaging any bumps/bulges/muffin tops etc ... always a good thing!  It has longer-length (almost to the elbow) short sleeves with ruching for a bit of fun, but they aren't poofy so you can easily throw a cardigan over top without much bulging underneath ... a major pet peeve of mine and a problem with a couple of shirt-dresses I have.

I just got home from a visit with my hairstylist and will show you my new 'do tomorrow!
xo jules



(Blazer by H&M, Top by F21, Pants by Zara, Shoes by Payless, Necklace by F21, Bracelets by Sirens, Earrings gifted, Ring by Tiffany & Co.)

I don't think I shared this with all of you, but I put myself on a spending kibosh after Easter weekend in Seattle ... so about 6 weeks now.  I've been doing really good, no purchases ... until yesterday.  Now, I know that I don't need another blazer.  However, I really love my white blazer from H&M (here, here, here) and have been wanting a navy one for awhile.  Their prices are reasonable for blazers ($49.95-$59.95) but for some reason I have a hard time forking over full price!  I was able to use a $50 gift card on my $59.95 white blazer last year, and on Sunday Cee posted a 35% off one item coupon that really started to tempt me!  I got the coupon from Cee, and also signed up for their email newsletter which got me another 20% off one item coupon (cannot be combined unfortunately) ... good for up to 3 weeks.  I had to go downtown yesterday anyways for a seminar, which was 1 block from H&M!  So, one thing led to another and here I am with my new blazer!  The 35% coupon didn't end up working (expired?  not sure) but the 20% off did (yay!) so I ended up paying $44.74 for a $55.94 blazer.  That makes me happy.  And hopefully my bank account doesn't hate me too much!
xo jules

Back in Action


(Sweater vest by Gap (outlet), Tunic & Scarf by H&M, Belt & Boots by Aldo, Tights by Aritzia, Earrings by Joe Fresh, Ring by Tiffany & Co., Headband by unknown) 

Hi everyone!

First of all, I hope you all had an awesome weekend, whether you had an extra day or not.

Second of all, I want to apologize for these not-that-awesome indoor shots.  I could bore you with a long list of excuses which lead to these photos but the point of the matter is I would have felt really badly for not posting an outfit today after just taking 3 days off & promising I would be back today with a new post!

So, moving on.
This is the art gallery that I work at!  See those boxes on the right (first pic) ?  That's what I'll be unpacking tomorrow ... about 9 paintings for a show that opens June 2.
Also, I have a new blazer to show you!  Hoping to wear it tomorrow but have yet to brainstorm a full outfit ... Stay tuned!!
xo jules



(Blazer by H&M, Blouse & Pants by Banana Republic (outlet), Shoes by Aldo (outlet), Jewelry by Etsy (gifted) & no name)

It's a long weekend starting right now so I am going to be MIA until Tuesday ... my apologies!  If you have a long weekend too, I hope it is a fantastic one!  I wish the weather was going to be better, but hey, I can't really complain about an extra day off.

xo jules



(Trench no name bought off eBay, Top by H&M, Skirt by F21, Belt by Joe Fresh, Sandals by Aldo, Sunglasses by Coach, Jewelry by Le Chateau & an ABC store in Waikiki) 

A car slowed down to look at me while I was taking these pics this morning ... my first awkward picture-taking moment!  In case you didn't know, I take all my own photos using a tripod and the camera's self-timer, so it looks even more strange than if there were someone else with me being the photographer.  Anyways, I really love this outfit.  The skirt is not too high-waisted, and is only elasticized in the back (I find a full elastic waist can be unflattering and/or too restricting).  It has a short lining, and pockets!  And who doesn't love stripes?  I mean, come on!
xo jules

Truck Stop


(Top by Dynamite, Pants by Gap, Scarf by Joe Fresh, Shoes by F21, Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.) 

I have to confess, the reason behind the non-backyard pics is not that I am becoming more adventurous or creative but rather because I have been taking the bus to work and pass by this park on my way there!  Next week when I'm back driving to work I will probably be back doing backyard pics too!
xo jules

PS Sorry for that truck in the background, I didn't even notice it was there until I got home and was posting this ... arghh!

On Location


(Cardigan & Top by H&M, Skirt by F21, Sandals by Spring, Bag by Coach, Necklace & Earrings by Aldo, Ring by Tiffany & Co., Headband by unknown)

 I have a few things to be proud of in this post:

1. I am not in my backyard taking this picture!
2. I managed to create a cute-looking ponytail!
(until now, this has been elusive with my shorter haircut) 

3. This is my 100th post!

Not so proud of the bright sunlight/over-exposedness of these photographs ... but I think you get the idea. Also, I know a lot of bloggers pose with their purses/clutches/totes (bags, basically) and you never see mine.  Well, here it is!  The strap lengthens so it can be worn as a cross-body bag, or shortened to be carried as a purse (seen here).  I am not one to own and use multiple bags, but rather I go through phases of loving one bag in particular and using it to death. I have had this one for at least a year and am still in love.
xo jules

These shorts were made for golfin'


(Blouse by Dynamite, Shorts by Banana Republic (outlet), Belt by unknown, Sandals by Aldo, Jewelry by Spring & Tiffany & Co.) 

Hi everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend!
We had fantastic weather and definitely took advantage of it with some backyard clean up and a round of pitch & putt.  Both mine and T's mums live out of town so a phone call and a card in the mail had to suffice for Mother's Day.
When warm weather hits I feel especially lucky that I have a flexible dress code at work ... these shorts, for example, are probably too short for a lot of dress codes out there.  I wear a lot of skirts and dresses in the summer (you'll see!) as well and it's nice to not have to wear sleeves, or a blazer or a suit.  We also don't generally have the air conditioning on, unless its really hot, so I don't have to dress for 2 climates either!
What's your summer work attire?
xo jules 

Shark Bait


(Cardigan by Gap, Top and Pants by Banana Republic (outlet), Jewelry by Tiffany & Co. and Le Chateau, Sandals by Aldo) 

 T bought a new clown fish for the aquarium last week and joked that we should name him Shark Bait.  Fast forward to tonight, we are watching Finding Nemo (which we haven't seen in years) and Nemo's fish tank buddies nickname him Shark Bait!  Coincidence or some sort of unconscious memory?  In any case, our new clown fish officially has a new name!
xo jules

Where the Wild Things Are


(Cardigan by Gap, Shirt by Banana Republic (outlet), Jeans by 7 for all Mankind, Sandals by Aldo, Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.) 

I found out yesterday that Maurice Sendak, author of Where the Wild Things Are, and many other children's stories, died on Tuesday.  I really loved that book and liked the movie a lot also.  The trailer for the movie, with Arcade Fire's Wake Up, was amazing.
It's supposed to be really nice in Vancouver this weekend, so hopefully I will get some outside time on Sunday.  Have a great weekend, wherever you are!
xo jules

A bit concerned


(Sweater & Skirt by H&M, Shoes by Payless, Necklace by Aldo) 

I logged into Blogger to post this and all the blogs in my Reading List were gone.  Considering I have about 30, I was not thrilled in the least about this.  Luckily, a simple log in/log out worked its magic and the blogs are back.
These photos were taken post-work as opposed to pre-work, which is when I usually take them.  I did snap some this AM (though in a serious rush!) but they didn't turn out.  These are a bit better.
This is my first time wearing this H&M $14.95 Skirt and I really like it!  It's not too tight, not too high waisted, and a really pretty colour.  Plus the lace overlay adds interest.  I highly recommend it!
xo jules
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