Last day of work


(Blazer by Urban Outfitters, Shirt by F21, Pants by Gap, Boots by Aldo, Necklaces by F21 and Tiffany & Co.)

I love this blazer.  It is one of the most versatile pieces in my closet and well worth the full price I paid for it (I hate paying full price!).  I think it comes in cream as well, or it did at one point, and I am seriously considering picking it up.  But I'm afraid I won't wear it as much...does that ever happen to you when you buy duplicates ?  There is a cute one at Aritzia too, I think it's called the Kent blazer and it comes in a soft pink linen.

Have a lovely week!

Sincerely, Jules

"Princesses Rule"


 (Cardigan by Costa Blanca, Shirt and shirt by H&M, Tights by Gap, Shoes by Banana Republic, Necklace by F21, Earrings and belt by Joe Fresh)

Thank you to Alex for the traveling tips - boyfriend jeans, light layers and a big scarf are exactly what I had in mind!  I'll wear them with a heavy cardigan and ballet flats, and socks stuffed in my purse because my feet are always cold on the plane!

Got a lovely pedicure at Pure Nail Bar tonight with the colour "Princesses Rule"!

Sincerely, Jules

Dreaming of travel


(Blazer and blouse by H&M, cardigan and pants by Gap, shoes by Urban Outfitters, belt by Aldo, necklaces and earrings by Tiffany & Co. and F21)

So, I checked the Weather Network today and the forecast for the Dominican Republic is mainly sunny, highs of 27, feels like 31, lows of 21 (Celsius).  I am so ready for that!  Picked up 3 books for the trip from a local used book store, travel sized items from Shoppers Drug Mart, and am planning on picking out some outfits for the trip tonight.  First up: what to wear on the plane.  Any tips?

Sincerely, Jules

Fake out


(Sweater by Jacob, Skirt by Forever 21, Tights by Joe Fresh, Boots by Aldo)

OK, these photos aren't actually from today.  I didn't have time to take outfit photos, and then I remembered these from awhile ago!  The only different thing from what I wore today are the tights and accessories (wearing a necklace and hoops today)

Sincerely, Jules

I'm feeling Nautical


(Blazer and sweater by H&M, Jeans by Gap, Shoes by Payless, Belt by Joe Fresh, Necklaces by F21 and Aldo)

The temperatures are rising and the snow is melting!  I think we'll be back to regular Vancouver weather soon - grey and rainy.  Have a great weekend! 

Sincerely, Jules

Lost and Found


(Sweater by Joe Fresh, Blouse by Talula (Aritzia), Skirt by Song (Off the Wall), Tights by Gap, Boots by Aldo)

I found my debit card today!  Yaaaay!
I thought I had lost it on Monday after I went to the bank but it turns out it was in my car hiding between the seat and the middle console.  I was about ready to call the bank and tell them I needed a new one but T suggested I search the car first.  Like really search, because I am the worst searcher ever.  I literally look at the cupholder and change spot (what's that called?) and call that searching.  Which is what I did today, and, not seeing it, prepared myself to call the bank as soon as I got to work.  And then for some reason, not on purpose, I happened to look down at the spot where the car seat and the console meet and voila!  Debit card!

Sincerely, Jules

Dress Pants


(Sweater by RW&Co., Blouse by H&M, Pants by Banana Republic, Shoes by F21)

Why must styling dress pants be so difficult?  When I first started working in a gallery, I thought I would need a lot of dress pants.  After all, dress pants are professional, right? 
Well, they are professional, but whenever I wear them I find myself falling into the same routine: Spring/Summer, with a blouse.  Fall/Winter, with a blouse and a sweater or cardigan over top.  If you're counting, that isn't that many combinations
Of course, I turned to my favourite daily reads to gain some insight into this phenomenon (I can call it that, right?).  Turns out, most of them don't wear dress pants! 

Well, I guess that's one solution.

But since I have about 10 pairs, I'm going to have to try and come up with a different solution.

Stay tuned!

Sincerely, Jules

Stripes and Polka Dots


(Cardigan and tights by Gap, Scarf by F21, Dress by H&M, Boots by Aldo, Necklace by Tiffany & Co.)

 New dress from H&M!  I think it's going to be perfect for year-round wear as it's comfy, lightweight and has pockets!  There's nothing I love wearing more in the summer than a cute sundress and a pair of sandals.  In fact, I'm headed to the Dominican Republic in less than two weeks and I am planning on packing this dress, hopefully I can get an outfit pic or two for you :)

Snow Day ... for real this time


The battery on my camera decided to die this morning so I couldn't take outfit pics outside to prove to you that today is a real snow day.  So real, in fact, that I wasn't able to go faster than 30 km/hr on my way to work.  So real that my car (a Honda Civic) wasn't able to grip the icy sheet beneath the road.  So real that my hands were shaking when I finally made it to work, unharmed.  Now, you are probably thinking that this is an over-reaction on my part.  Which, it is.  Vancouver drivers are bad in snow, and I freely admit to that.  But the real reason I get so nervous driving in snow is because I crashed my parents car one icy Boxing Day.  I hit a telephone pole and snapped it in half.  The car was a write off and yet I somehow walked away unscathed.  But it left me with this fear of driving in the snow, so I will be taking the bus to work for the rest of the week.  And real outfit pics tomorrow!
 (Blazer by Urban Outfitters, Cardigan by Song (Off the Wall), Blouse by Joe Fresh, Pants by Zara, Shoes by Aldo, Belt by Joe Fresh, Toque by Aldo)

Snow Day ... kind of


(Sweater by Wilfred (Aritzia), Dress & Scarf by H&M, Tights by Urban Outfitters, Shoes by Forever 21, Belt and Earrings by ? (Aldo or Le Chateau most likely))

As you can see, there was snow in Vancouver this morning!  Though by the time I was taking these pictures, it was melting off my neighbour's balcony above me, hence the umbrella.  The snow was also super slushy by this point so I didn't want to venture into the 'garden area'.
Apologies for the over-exposed-ness of these photos.  I'm not sure why, or if the snow had anything to do with it at all, but I am annoyed.  Also that potted palm is becoming increasingly irritating.  I think it needs to come inside in order to survive the winter anyways.

Do you like my new nail colour ?  I think it's pretty sweet.

Happy weekend!

Happy Friday


(Cardigan by H&M, Sweater by Urban Outfitters, Scarf by ? (old), Skirt by Element, Tights by Urban Outfitters, Boots by Aldo, Earrings by Joe Fresh)

 Happy Friday everyone!
I have to work tomorrow so it's not the weekend just yet for me.  But I found out today that my lovely older brother and sister-in-law are coming to town and I get to see them tomorrow night!  So that was a nice surprise :)

I went to the nail bar after work today to get my soak-off gels removed.  You can't really tell in this pic, but they were growing out pretty bad.  I switched from the dark purple you see to a very light pink!  PIcs tomorrow!



(Sweater by Jacob, Skirt by Dynamite, Tights by Gap, Shoes by Banana Republic Outlet, Necklace by Aldo)

You can't really see my face in the last picture because my icy cold breath is in the way!  There was a nice layer of frost this morning, unusual for Vancouver but I welcome the cold, sunny days.  It's a nice change from all the rain we usually get.

My boyfriend T made a delicious roast in the slow cooker today and it was ready to eat as soon as I got home from work.  Such a nice treat.  Usually we eat around 8pm because I like to relax a bit after getting home before making dinner.  Mmmmm roast beef and gravy!

And lastly, but not leastly, apologies for the black tarp which looks like a garbage bag in the background of a couple of photos... that's what we're storing our patio furniture under for the winter!

A little prep


 (Blouse by Dynamite, Top by Gap, Pants by Banana Republic, Shoes by Aldo, Necklace and Earrings by Joe Fresh)

Yesterday at the gym I was flipping through an old People StyleWatch magazine (LOVE!) and saw this picture of Reese Witherspoon wearing a white blouse with a black short sleeved sweater over top, skinny jeans, and heels.  I thought it was super cute so I used it as inspiration for today's outfit.  This is obviously much more office-appropriate and I think I will try something similar with skinny pants sometime for a more casual/hipster look.  I searched the internet for the Reese photo and couldn't find it, but here's something close:

Cute, right?

Jeans to work


(Cardigan by Off the Wall, Shirt by Urban Outfitters, Jeans by 7 for all Mankind, Shoes by Forever 21)

Today I got to wear jeans to work since we were re-hanging the gallery.  Yay!
Re-hanging is sometimes a challenge but the end result is always a welcome change.
That's all for tonight.  Time for some Daily Show.



(Sweater by Joe Fresh, Jeans by 7 for all Mankind, Shoes by Payless)

These are my favourite jeans of all time - 7 for all Mankind Bootcut in NYD wash.  And this is the sweater I bought from Joe Fresh yesterday.  If you could see it up close, or if I could take a better pic, you would see that it has a chunky cable knit pattern on it.
So far, so comfy.

Casual, Sunday


(Jacket by Le Chateau, Sweater by H&M,Tank by Jacob, Belt by Joe Fresh, Jeans by Seven for all Mankind, Shoes by Aldo, Scarf by H&M, Necklace by Aldo)

I got my first comments and follower!  Thanks The Fashionable ESQ!
I have had a very lazy weekend, which in my opinion are the best kind.  However, after only leaving my apartment for 10 minutes yesterday in order to grab some Pho for dinner, I felt I needed a bit more fresh air today so I headed downtown for some shopping.
I picked up two cozy sweaters, one from Joe Fresh for $15 and one from Jacob for $30.

I also had some time to visit the Vancouver Art Gallery and check out Michael Audain's collection which is on until Jan 29. If you don't know, Michael Audain is a major art collector and philanthropist based here in Vancouver.  He has an eclectic taste in art, with a focus on B.C. artists, and there are a lot of Northwest Coast masks, both old and new, in the exhibition. I particularly wanted to check out a work by E.J. Hughes that Audain purchased from the gallery that I work at ... but the work which impressed me most was on the second floor, an absolutely massive, breathtakingly overwhelming piece by Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun.  Tuesday nights the gallery is open late and admission is by donation if you're interested!

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