Lost and Found


(Sweater by Joe Fresh, Blouse by Talula (Aritzia), Skirt by Song (Off the Wall), Tights by Gap, Boots by Aldo)

I found my debit card today!  Yaaaay!
I thought I had lost it on Monday after I went to the bank but it turns out it was in my car hiding between the seat and the middle console.  I was about ready to call the bank and tell them I needed a new one but T suggested I search the car first.  Like really search, because I am the worst searcher ever.  I literally look at the cupholder and change spot (what's that called?) and call that searching.  Which is what I did today, and, not seeing it, prepared myself to call the bank as soon as I got to work.  And then for some reason, not on purpose, I happened to look down at the spot where the car seat and the console meet and voila!  Debit card!

Sincerely, Jules


  1. I'm a pretty horrible searcher as well. I look over things and completely miss them!

    Love this outfit. Looks lovely and warm which is a much needed combo these days!


    1. thanks melissa! i'm glad i'm not the only one :)

  2. You are so adorable! We should follow one another :)


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