Dress Pants


(Sweater by RW&Co., Blouse by H&M, Pants by Banana Republic, Shoes by F21)

Why must styling dress pants be so difficult?  When I first started working in a gallery, I thought I would need a lot of dress pants.  After all, dress pants are professional, right? 
Well, they are professional, but whenever I wear them I find myself falling into the same routine: Spring/Summer, with a blouse.  Fall/Winter, with a blouse and a sweater or cardigan over top.  If you're counting, that isn't that many combinations
Of course, I turned to my favourite daily reads to gain some insight into this phenomenon (I can call it that, right?).  Turns out, most of them don't wear dress pants! 

Well, I guess that's one solution.

But since I have about 10 pairs, I'm going to have to try and come up with a different solution.

Stay tuned!

Sincerely, Jules

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