July Outfits Week 5


Jules in Flats - What I Wore to Work in July (Business Casual Workwear on a Budget)

Jules in Flats - What I Wore to Work in July (Business Casual Workwear on a Budget)

Hi hello!

The last week of July has been HOT and I am here for it!  We have a portable air conditioner in our apartment which has made the temperatures in the evening really nice, and we have (very cold) air con at the gallery so it's all good IMO!

It's a long weekend for us in BC and most of Canada, so I'm excited for the extra day off and we will be spending lots of time on our patio!

Next weekend we are going to Vancouver Island for our annual family camping trip, plus we've added on a few nights of camping in Tofino with my sister, so we'll be off for about a week!  I'm actually so excited to have some time off and more importantly to see my family!!  We haven't seen them (except my sister) since Christmas!

Things will be pretty quiet here on the blog for the next two weeks since I won't really be at work.  I'll publish a Monthly Outfit Roundup for July but otherwise follow me on Instagram if you want to see what I'm up to!

Jules in Flats - Ruffle Front Sleeveless Blouse (Business Casual Workwear on a Budget)
 Ruffle-Front Sleeveless Top by Banana Republic Factory (super old)
Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle Pants by Old Navy
Scalloped Flat Sandals by J.Crew Factory
Necklace by GemPassionJewelry (Etsy)
Gold Double Hoop Earrings by Joe Fresh

Jules in Flats - Fuchsia Sleeveless Midi Shirt Dress (Business Casual Workwear on a Budget)
 Mandarin Collar Sleeveless Midi Shirt Dress by Banana Republic Factory (old)
(similar pink midi dresses: here, here, here)
(similar style dresses in other colours/patterns: here, here, here)
Scalloped Flat Sandals by J.Crew Factory
Infinity Necklace by Tiffany & Co.
Faux Diamond Stud Earrings by ?
(similar, similar)

Jules in Flats - Print Midi Skirt + White Cropped Blouse (Business Casual Workwear on a Budget)
 Murphy Blouse by Babaton (Aritzia)
(similar, similar, similar)
Floral Print Midi Skirt by Gap (this colour sold out)
(similar, similar, similar)
Cross-Strap Flat Sandals by H&M (old)
(similar, similar, similar)
Satin Knot Headband by J.Crew Factory
Tiny Gold Hoop Earrings by Urban Outfitters
Necklace by GemPassionJewelry (Etsy)

Jules in Flats - Heart-Print Sleeveless Blouse (Business Casual Workwear on a Budget)
 Sleeveless Heart-Print Blouse by Smart Set (super old)
(similar, similar, similar)
Cameron Slim Crop Pants by J.Crew
(similar, similar)
Scalloped Flat Sandals by J.Crew Factory

Unfortunately I really don't have any shopping news to share, except that my bike shorts from TNA arrived!  I haven't worn them yet, but I tried them on and they seem great!  Very soft, not too tight, not see-through, long enough ...

T and I have been listening to podcasts together while I sunbathe on the patio.  (He is usually in the shade playing Animal Crossing or Marvel Strike Force).  The Rewatchables has been a favourite for some time and is a good road-trip podcast as well.  Recent episodes have included Stand By Me and Ghost (both classics!).  Another one we like is The Big Picture and Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend.

TV-wise, I have one episode of MasterChef Australia left!!  The show's been over for like 2 weeks but I've been rationing the last episodes because I don't want it to end!  LOL. Also at this stage I cry every time someone goes home soooo ya.  It's emotional!  (I'm not linking to it because I don't want to get a spoiler by accident so just Google the show if you're interested!  It's really the best)

We started Yellowstone last weekend and have finished the first season already.  I'm really into it.  It's  a little crazy and can be too dramatic at times but I think if you can accept that you'll be okay.  I was thinking that it's kind of like a cowboy version of Succession / The Sopranos.  Having said that I have only watched one episode of Succession!  T watched it without me earlier this year but we are going back to the beginning so I can get caught up.  We are also watching Perry Mason, I'll Be Gone in the Dark and Cheer (I know, totally late to the party!).

Alright that's it from me for now!  Thank you so much for visiting!!


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