June Outfits Week 2


Jules in Flats - June Outfits Week 2 (Business Casual Workwear on a Budget)

Hello hello!

Here's a look at what I wore to work last week.  

I actually have one more outfit that didn't get photographed because it was raining ... if I feel like putting it on and shooting it I'll update this post but otherwise this is it!

Jules in Flats - V-Neck Button Front Knit Midi Dress with Denim Jacket
Denim Jacket by Gap
Striped Midi Dress by Old Navy
Ace Sneakers by Keds
Rainbow Stripe Headband by J.Crew Factory (sold out)

This rainbow stripe headband is new from J.Crew Factory and is super cute!  I am loving it.  The midi dress I bought months ago in anticipation of summer b/c I didn't want it to sell out.  It is more of an A-line shape and I did have the sides taken in a bit as it flared out too much for my liking.  It was a $30 alteration on a $30 dress so no I don't recommend doing that but it's done now so I just need to wear it lots to get my money's worth!  LOL. The material is a super soft knit, the buttons are non-functioning and I like that the fit sort of skims the body, it doesn't hug it like a lot of knit dresses do.

Jules in Flats - Tie Neck Floral Peplum Blouse (Business Casual Workwear on a Budget)
Tie Neck Floral Peplum Blouse by Babaton (Aritzia via Poshmark)
Cameron Slim Crop Pants by J.Crew
Tithradia Mules by Aldo (old)

I bought this blouse off Poshmark before quarantine and it arrived right as I started working from home full-time.  I haven't worn it until now as I wanted to have it dry cleaned first but didn't feel comfortable going to the cleaners until recently.  I love it though!  Definitely a good purchase.

Jules in Flats - Striped Midi Dress (Business Casual Workwear on a Budget)
Denim Jacket by Gap
Striped Midi Dress by Forever 21 (old)
Edie Leather Loafers by J.Crew Factory
Wooden Bead Necklace by Reverie DP (Etsy)
The rest of my online shopping orders arrived this week (#finally) so here's an update:

All of the Abercrombie shorts are being returned.  I'm glad I didn't hedge all my bets on these as the fit was awful.  I'm not sure where all the positive reviews are coming from ... maybe I just ordered the wrong size or was confused about how they are supposed to fit but they were a strong no for me.  Levis x Aritzia shorts for the win!

My H&M order was surprisingly good!  The only item I'm returning is the blazer which was comically large in the shoulders.  This blouse is the real MVP of that order though.  LOVE it.

J.Crew one-piece bathing suit (in white)- I ordered a size 6 and a size 4 and am keeping the 6.  The 4 was just a little too snug on the bum for my liking but other than that they fit pretty similar.

This weekend we are tackling more projects at the apartment - yesterday I finished assembling all of the drawers for our new closets and installed them.  T finished getting the closets all level and adding trim, and today I get to paint the baseboards in the bedroom!  T has to remove a bunch of crown molding from the living room as we are having some wiring for an outdoor plug installed next week ... the list goes on!  Oh and I have to take all the cardboard from our closet boxes to recycling today - it's way too much for our building's box.

We are moving back into our apartment next weekend and while I am excited it's not like everything is going to be completely finished.  Our bathroom vanity will be in but the sink and countertop won't be.  We don't have a mirror for the bathroom yet.  The glass panel for the shower won't be installed so we are going to have use a temporary curtain and rod.  There is a fine layer of drywall dust over every.single.surface. in the apartment right now and while it would be great to have that cleaned before we move back in, there are still going to be workers coming and going and making messes after that so is it worth it?

Anyways, that is just a small snippet of where we are at right now.  I hope you are all doing great, staying safe and staying healthy.


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