April Outfits Week Three (Work from Home Looks)


Jules in Flats - Knit Midi Skirt with Cropped Sweater (Easy Work from Home Outfit)
Cropped Knit Sweater by H&M (old, similar, similar)
Knit Midi Skirt from Nordstrom Rack (old, similar, similar)

Jules in Flats - Yellow Scalloped Hem Sweater with Zella Leggings (Easy Work from Home Outfit)
Scalloped Hem Sweater by Dynamite (old, similar, similar)
High Waist Live-In Leggings by Zella

Jules in Flats - Waist Defined V-Neck Midi Dress(Easy Work from Home Outfit)
Waist-Defined V-Neck Midi Dress by Old Navy (sadly sold out, similar, similar, similar, similar)
Dunkirk/Olivie Knit Vest by Wilfred (Aritzia, on sale!!, similar)

Jules in Flats - Cognac Cardigan + White Tee + Leggings (Easy Work from Home Outfit)
Long-Line Open-Front Sweater (Cardigan) by Old Navy (old colour)
T-Shirt by Old Navy
Align Leggings by Lululemon
Satin Knot Headband by J.Crew Factory

Hi everyone!

Well, here we are - week 3 in quarantine.  I know some of you have been quarantining for even longer than that and my heart goes out to you.  I am so fortunate that T and I still have jobs and are able to work from home.  I have actually been loving working from home.  I have a lot to do for work which I'm grateful for and have been able to be very productive working remotely.  I miss seeing my colleagues everyday and getting that immediate feedback on questions or projects we are working on together though.  And just catching up on life in general with all of them I miss too.

Because I am still working 8 hours a day, I don't have an abundance of free time to fill.  Our post-work routine is pretty much the same as pre-quarantine, except I don't workout after work anymore.  So really I only have an 'extra' hour between when I'm done work and when I would be home normally.  I'm not sure why I haven't been wanting to workout after work, but I'm trying not to worry about it.  I've been enjoying doing yoga in the morning on weekends, or going for a walk or a run.  It's funny, pre-quarantine I was against working out on the weekends! (For myself, I don't judge or care if anyone else is doing it).  I associated working out with the work week and in my mind lumped them together.  But now that's totally switched!

 I know some of you are essential workers and I am so, so grateful for all of you!!  We have been trying to minimize contact and the burden on delivery services by not shopping online during this time.  It has been hard - there are a lot of things you think 'oh, I could just order that off Amazon and get this project completed tomorrow', or 'oh, that tie-dye sweatsuit is amazing, let me just order one online to wear next week'.  I have thought these things many times and do I want a matching tie-dye set to post on Insta?  YES, very badly.  But do I need to put an extra strain on our postal workers and risk contact with them or a potentially contaminated package so that I can look cute?  NO!  NO NO NO.
It's so hard, retailers are having all these great sales right now to try and stay afloat and we can support them buy buying.  I get it.  But I have been asking myself if I REALLY NEED something, and 99% of the time the answer is no.  I do think we need to support small businesses at this time if you are financially able to.  T and I have been getting takeout or delivery from our favourite local restaurants about once a week which (I hope) helps them out, and also gives us a nice break from cooking.

Anyways, I hope by sharing my work from home outfits you get some inspiration, hope, or feeling of comradery. I hope you all have a great weekend, please stay safe.


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