Jules in Flats August Outfits (Business Casual Summer Workwear on a Budget)

Jules in Flats August Outfits (Business Casual Summer Workwear on a Budget)

Hi everyone!  How are you?!

It's been longer than I anticipated since my last post, sorry about that!  This month we have plans every weekend.  Typically I put together my blog post for the week on Saturday morning, so it's tough to do when you're on the go! (Especially when camping, which is what 3 of our 4 August weekends entail!)

Anyways, this is what I wore to work last week, after our family camping trip to Galiano Island!  We were there from Thursday to Sunday and it was so much fun!  The weather could have been a bit better, but it wasn't bad.  We went on a little walk around one of the peninsulas, played ladder golf and viking chess (our theme for the weekend was Vikings), had a wine and beer tasting and tried balancing on logs in the water!  My brother swallowed a wasp (it was in his drink can), and it stung him in the throat, so he had to go to the hospital (on another island ... via the coast guard boat ... and stay overnight).  He's not allergic, so we had a feeling he would be OK, but they didn't want him to fall asleep and have his throat close up (because it was swelling in there where it stung him!), so that was pretty dramatic and scary but he's fine!

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Jules in Flats - Chambray Tassel Top with Pixie Pants (Business Casual Summer Workwear on a Budget)
 Chambray Tassel Tie Top by Old Navy (old, similar)
"Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle" Pants by Old Navy
"Sidestep" Sandals by Steve Madden (old, similar)

Jules in Flats - Ruffle Hem Shift Dress with Bow Mules (Business Casual Summer Workwear on a Budget)
 Ruffle-Hem Shift Dress by 1.State (from Winners, similar)
"Dallas" Suede Bow Mules by Town Shoes (sold out online, similar)

Jules in Flats - White Shift Dress (Business Casual Summer Workwear on a Budget)
 Shift Dress by Wilfred (Aritzia, old, similar)
"Bazovica" Leather Loafers by Aldo (old, similar)

Jules in Flats - Sleeveless Tunic with Green Ankle Pants (Business Casual Summer Workwear on a Budget)
 Sleeveless Tunic by J.Crew Factory (old, similar)
"Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle" Pants by Old Navy (old colour)
Gold Gladiator Sandals by Sam Edelman (old)
Tassel Necklace by Banana Republic Factory (old, similar)

There were no showers, flush toilets, sinks or mirrors at our campsite on Galiano, so you can bet I was happy to get back home and have a shower and see what I looked like after 3 days! LOL . I also got sick on the weekend (how?!) so I needed easy outfits that I didn't really have to think about putting together.

There are a lot of wildfires in BC right now, and while none of them are particularly close to Vancouver,  a lot of the smoke has traveled down to us and the air quality is really bad here at the moment.  Luckily, we have AC at work and a small portable unit at home so it does help to keep the air feeling fresh, but sadly it's not very pleasant to be outside for any length of time.

This week, one of T's younger brothers is coming from Ontario to stay with us.  We're planning on going to Vancouver Island on the weekend to go fishing with my cousin and her partner, but the forecast is calling for rain!  Also, we booked a float plane for our trip over there, because his brother is really into planes (and it's way faster than the ferry), but with all of the smoke we might not be able to see anything on the trip!  Anyways, total #firstworldproblems and we should just be happy we're safe from the fires and grateful that rain is coming to help out our firefighters!

Thank you all so much for visiting!!


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  1. I love your outfits on this post! That little white shift dress is so cute and I love that your hair is up in a bun! So cute. Glad to hear your brother is fine, that sounds so scary!

  2. Great post - these outfits are all super cute! :) Your style is very similar to mine, so I will definitely be using this post as inspiration... I think the first outfit is my favorite! Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna <3
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  3. All the outfits are really cute, I especially love the blue midi one!

  4. You have the cutest dresses! I'm loving all of these looks!


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