Jules in Flats June Outfits

Jules in Flats June Outfits

Jules in Flats - White Wilfred Shift Dress
Dress by Wilfred (purchased second-hand, similar)
"La Vedette" Watch by Cluse (gift)
Cross-Strap Slides by Gap (last year, similar)

Jules in Flats - Babaton Hopkins Blouse with Red Pants - Patriotic Outfit
Hopkins Blouse by Babaton (Aritzia, on sale now!)
"Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle" Pants by Old Navy
Cross-Strap Slides by Gap (last year, similar)

Jules in Flats - Olive Green Twist-Front Jersey Dress
Dress by Banana Republic Factory (excess folded over belt, last year, similar)
Sandals by Sam Edelman (old, similar)
Cuff Bracelet by J.Crew Factory

Jules in Flats - J.Crew Sleeveless Tunic Sweater for Summer
Sleeveless Sweater by J.Crew (old, similar)
"Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle" Pants by Old Navy
Sandals by Steve Madden  (old, similar)
Tassel Necklace by Banana Republic Factory (old, similar)

Hi everyone!

Here's a look at what I wore in the last week of June.  Monthly Outfit Roundup coming soon!

Hope you all have a great long weekend!

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Jules in Flats June Outfits

Jules in Flats June Outfits

Jules in Flats - Aritzia Darontal Pants
Striped Sweater by H&M (old, similar)
"Darontal" Pants by Wilfred (Aritzia)
"Taylerr" Sandals by Steve Madden
Jules in Flats - Pleated Midi Skirt
T-Shirt by Gap (tied at back - old, similar)
Pleated Midi Skirt by J.Crew Factory (old, similar)
Pink Studded Flats by H&M (old, similar)
"La Vedette" Watch by Cluse (gift)
Ring by Tiffany & Co.
Jules in Flats - Striped Espadrilles Wedges
Sleeveless Sweater by J.Crew Factory (old, similar)
"Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle" Pants by Old Navy
Striped Espadrille Wedges by Old Navy

Jules in Flats - Aritzia Dunkirk Sweater Vest
Dress by Old Navy (old colour)
Pony-Hair Leopard Belt by Gap (old, similar)
"Dunkirk" Sweater by Wilfred (from Aritzia - on sale now!)
Peep-Toe Booties by Steve Madden (old, similar)

Hi everyone!

This post is long overdue and I have two more to write as well so I am going to leave this short and sweet!

Thank you for visiting!

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Jules in Flats - June Outfits

Jules in Flats - June Outfits

Jules in Flats - Tribal Print Midi Skirt and Tie-Front Tee
Top by H&M (similar)
Midi Skirt from Nordstrom Rack (old, similar)
Scalloped Suede Flats by Town Shoes

Jules in Flats - Burgundy Pixie Pants with Striped Top and Grey Drapey Blazer
Shawl Collar Blazer by Forever 21 (old, similar)
Striped Top by H&M (old, similar)
"Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle" Pants by Old Navy (old colour)
Scalloped Suede Flats by Town Shoes

Jules in Flats - Red Peplum Blouse with Leopard Print Flats and Camel Cardigan
Peplum Blouse by Smart Set (old, similar)
"Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle" Pants by Old Navy
Long Cardigan by Gap (old, similar)
Leopard d'Orsay Flats by J.Crew Factory (old, similar)

Jules in Flats - Forever 21 Black and White Dress with Camel Accessories
Dress by Forever 21 (old, similar)
Belt by Joe Fresh (old, similar)
Perforated Suede Flats by J.Crew Factory (old, similar)

Hi everyone!  How are you?  Any fun weekend/Father's Day plans?

T and I are just having a chill stay-at-home Sunday - it's rainy today so the perfect excuse to stay inside and cuddle on the couch.  Tomorrow I need to return a couple of things (these shoes and this swimsuit), and I want to try on these pants at Aritzia so I'll do my workout in the morning and then head downtown afterwards.

Anyways, here's a look at what I wore to work last week.

The t-shirt in the first outfit is just a regular tee from H&M that is a little drapey, so I tied it in a knot just off to the side since the skirt is high-waisted.  Easy trick you can do with any longer/drapey tee that looks great with high-waisted bottoms!

Aritzia is having a sale right now for members of it's mailing list (the sale will go public on the 22nd) and I tried on this top a couple of weekends ago when shopping with my sister.  This tomatoey-red colour is really hot this summer and I fell in love with it.  Then, when getting dressed this week I realized my red peplum top is pretty much the same colour!  So I changed my mind on the top and ordered the more classic white.  I also ordered this super soft and cozy long-sleeve tee, which I have a striped version of already, and this sweater vest, which at least two of my colleagues have but it literally goes with everything and you can wear it year-round.  Is it more expensive than I would normally pay for a sweater vest?  Yes.  Everything I buy from Aritzia is more expensive than what I really want to pay.  But I try to buy on sale, and more often than not the quality is there for the price you pay.

I got an order in the mail from Old Navy/Gap last week which included this sports bra and this tie-back tank from Gap.  So cute!  I love their workout stuff.  From Old Navy I couldn't resist these striped espadrilles after I saw them on Penny Pincher Fashion's roundup, and these lace-up flats to replace my old pair.

My last outfit of the week is great for you neutral-lovers.  Classic black + white + camel.  A colleague asked if it was a new dress and it's not, I've had this Forever 21 dress forever but I haven't worn it in awhile.  The sleeves are a little wide/drapey so it's hard to wear with a cardigan or blazer, which is why I don't often wear it in the winter.  I dug through my archives and the last time I wore it was here

Thanks for reading and I hope you're having a great weekend!!

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Jules in Flats - June Outfits

Jules in Flats - June Outfits

Jules in Flats - Forever 21 Striped Floral Dress
Dress by Forever 21
Scalloped Suede Flats by Town Shoes
Jules in Flats - Black Pleated Midi Skirt
Polka Dot Blouse by Old Navy (old, similar)
Pleated Midi Skirt by Dynamite
Sandals by Steve Madden (last season)

Jules in Flats - Black Sweater and Dot pants
 Mid-Rise Pixie Pants by Old Navy (old pattern)
Crew Neck Sweater by Gap (old, similar)
Scalloped Suede Flats by Town Shoes 

Jules in Flats - Old Navy Grey Swing Dress
 Jersey Swing Dress by Old Navy
Espadrille Wedge Sandals by Le Chateau
Spike Necklace by H&M (old, similar)

Hi everyone!  How was your weekend?

Ours was good, I worked on Saturday and then we went to our friend's place for dinner and boardgames.  I ate so.much.bread and drank a bottle of red wine!  Needless to say, I was feeling it the next day!  I was awake for a few hours in the early morning and then went back to sleep till mid-day lol - oops!  We went to an open house then Aphrodite's Cafe and Pie Shop for a late lunch/early dinner and some take-out pie.  Yum!

Today T had to work so I got up after he left and did my workout for the day (sprints + HIIT) outside, came home to shower and have some lunch and T came home for lunch too!  I spent the afternoon filling out our Nexus and Passport applications (bleh) and then we went for a casual dinner at Joey's (it's so close to us it's hard not to go there!).

Both days were mostly sunny so I'm glad we took advantage as the rest of the week is supposed to be cloudy/rainy :(

I don't have much else to chat about so I hope you all have a great week ahead!  And don't forget about Father's Day on Sunday!

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Jules in Flats - May Outfits

Jules in Flats - June Outfits

Jules in Flats - Aritzia Pleated Swing Dress
Dress by Aritzia (old, similar)
Necklace by ? (old, similar)
Pony Hair Leopard D'Orsay Flats by J.Crew Factory (old, similar)

Jules in Flats - Old Navy Patterned Jumpsuit
Jumpsuit by Old Navy (old, similar)
"Amelia" Suede Flats by J.Crew Factory (old, similar)
Necklace by Tiffany & Co.
Ring by Tiffany & Co.
Faux-Diamond Stud Earrings by Joe Fresh (similar)

Jules in Flats - Old Navy Tie-Neck Pleated Dress with Suede Booties
Pleated Tie-Neck Swing Dress by Old Navy (old colour)
Sueded Ankle Booties by Old Navy
Earrings from Hawaii (similar)

Jules in Flats - White Dynamite Blazer, Navy Striped Shirt and Navy Pixie Pants
"Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle" Pants by Old Navy (colour is Goodnight Nora)
Striped Boatneck Tee by H&M (old, similar)
White Blazer by Dynamite (a must buy for the season!)
"Amelia" Suede Flats by J.Crew Factory (old, similar)

I just can't stop wearing Navy this week!  LOL
Even on my day off I wore navy! (If you saw my InstaStory you know ;)).

Anyways, I'm back from my two-week work trip to Toronto and am still trying to catch up on all of my blog reading so tell me - how are you?  What did I miss?  On my end, Toronto was good.  Our auction went well (I work for Canada's largest Fine Art Auction House.  We're like Christies or Sotheby's in the US), and I helped organize the event this year which is why I went early - to make sure move-in and set up went smoothly.

I increased my ClassPass to 5 classes and took 4 when I was there - surprisingly, 3 were yoga and one was Studio Lagree.  Have you heard of it?  It's like intense Pilates on a machine (megaformer).  I really liked it!  My yoga studio Yyoga is on ClassPass now which is great, so I don't have to buy a separate pass!

But, I just started a 6-week diet and exercise program so I probably won't be doing much yoga or ClassPass-ing for awhile.  The program I'm doing is this one.  I heard about it through Katie at Pearls & Twirls and the May 22 start date was perfect for me (we'll be done right round Canada Day, July 1 - the official start of summer).  Normally I would not do a program that has so little actual information online, no non-blogger reviews (which seem like they might be sponsored??), and that you actually have to pay for - but the pitch that it's really good for people who have hit a plateau, that workout and eat clean and have stopped seeing results, that want to lose fat, not just weight - those claims really intrigued me and I figured I would give it a go!  The program is all about eating the right foods at the right times for the right reasons, and pairing specific workouts (HIIT, strength, sprints) with how you eat.  So yes, it's a little bit intense tracking everything you eat, but it's also eye-opening.  For example, I have used MyFitness Pal on and off for years, especially to figure out calories for recipes.  But I only ever used it for calories, not for macros.  With this program, we are aware of overall calories, but it's all about the macros.  I always thought I was a low-fat eater, but what I've become aware of is that more foods than I thought actually have quite a bit of fat in them!  Which isn't a bad thing, but I could be eating more protein to balance that out.  Anyways, the program also involves carb cycling and intermittent fasting, and the workouts so far are doable.  So hopefully it works!  I'll be sure to check in with you at the end of it and let you know my thoughts!  Hopefully I see results and can incorporate the ideas of the program into my regular lifestyle.

So, that's what's going on with me!

Shopping-wise, this adorable striped bathing suit arrived the day I left for Toronto so I wasn't able to try it on until I got back and sadly it's too small!  So I am exchanging it for a larger size.  And I bought these (in black) in Toronto.  They are super cute - absolutely no support but filled a gap in my closet.  Other than that, not much!  I'm already over budget this month with my H&M purchases, the above program and bathing suit, getting my hair done, and buying tickets to The National in December.

As always, thank you for reading!!

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Monthly Outfit Roundup: May 2017


Jules in Flats - Monthly Outfit Roundup May 2017

Row 1/Row 2/Row 2/Row 3/Row 3 (last two outfits not blogged yet)

Hi everyone!

Here's a look at what I wore to work in May.  Two week are missing because I was in Toronto!

Click on the Row # to be taken to the original post

You can see all of my monthly outfit roundups here.

As always, thank you for reading!
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