Shopping Stories


(Blazer by H&M (old, similar), Top by H&M (old, similar), Pants by Gap, Boots by Aldo (old, similar), Scarf by Joe Fresh (old, similar), Bag by Old Navy (sold out, similar), Nails by Essie "Turquoise and Caicos")

Well, this outfit is from a couple of weeks ago when it was a wee bit cooler than it is now!  Looooving the warmer weather, Vancouver! Thank you!

To update you on my shopping on Monday, I left H&M with this dress, a cute sleeveless floral chiffon blouse and a teal bikini top, but I can't seem to find those two online.  Pretty much as soon as I got into H&M, I started feeling overwhelmed and at the same time, frustrated.  I just wasn't in the mood to scour the store looking for deals or sizes, to look at items that didn't immediately catch my eye, to wait in line for the dressing room/checkout, to carry my shopping bag and purse ... you know the story.  Anyways, I decided to just be lighthearted about it but after going to Joe Fresh and Forever 21 I was just over it.
One of my resolutions for 2014 was to do less online shopping.  The reason for this was to curb impulse buying, and because I don't like it when I can't feel the fabric of something or try it on before I buy it.  There are only a handful of stores in Canada where shipping and returns are free, and I don't necessarily want to stock up my wardrobe from these stores just because of that.  I need variety, people!  Anyways, after I came home from shopping on Monday I ordered a bunch of dresses from Forever 21 that I'd been stalking for months (did I see them in the store?  Nope!) with the realization that the pain in returning the items (in person, for store credit or by mail, for shipping costs) would far outweigh the defeating nature of shopping in-store.
The realization here is to make sure I really consider hitting the checkout button before I commit to making an online purchase and to not buy things just because they are on sale.  I am pretty good, I have to admit (usually I leave things in the cart for at least a day before committing) but it can't hurt to have some shopping habit reminders every now and again!

xo jules

Pink, Charcoal & Leopard


(Cardigan & Top by Gap (old cardigan, similar by Old Navy; top here), Pants by Old Navy, Shoes by Banana Republic (outlet, old; similar), Necklace by Aldo (similar))

Good morning lovelies!
How was your weekend?

I am technically still having my weekend, now that I'm working Saturdays I have Mondays off, however I have to go back to my old job today to help the new person they've hired and answer any questions she has.  Then, because I'll be downtown I am going to do some shopping (H&M!  Forever 21! Joe Fresh!).  Hopefully I'll also manage to get to the gym & grocery store.  Ughhhh why do days off have to be so errand-filled sometimes?

xo jules

Hair Stories


(Blazer by Urban Outfitters, Sweater by Old Navy (similar by F21), Skirt by H&M, Tights by Gap or Urban Outfitters (old, can't remember - similar grey by Jacob), Shoes by Vince Camuto (outlet), Necklace by Aldo (similar by Le Chateau)) 

I tried to do one of those cool French-braid-messy-bun hairstyles on this day ... and I don't think it was very successful!  The photos look okay, actually, and the girl at the bank complimented me on it (without prompting!) but I just wasn't feeling it!  Maybe I'm just not used to doing it that way, so I thought it looked weird?  I dunno, I just wasn't into it and it makes me discouraged to try again.

My new (2 week old?) hair routine is: wash hair Tuesday morning, blowdry and straighten.  Dry shampoo & re-straighten Wednesday.  Dry shampoo & curl Thursday.  Dry shampoo & sock bun Friday.  Wash hair Saturday, blowdry and straighten (if going to work.  If not, airdry).  Sunday - nada.

As you can see, I've recently jumped on the "dry shampoo is amazing train" and I don't see getting off anytime soon.  The problem before, was that I hadn't found a good one!  Well, my weapon of choice is now Klorane Dry Shampoo.  It's $13.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart, doesn't smell totally toxic, absorbs oil & doesn't leave white residue!  I also wanted to try Batiste because it's even cheaper, and it was on sale when I went to buy more Klorane.  I think I bought the "XXL Volume" one and all I can say is WOW!  This stuff drys the crap out of your hair and creates crazy volume!  Definitely not for everyday use (for me), but definitely handy for when you need A LOT of volume.

PS If you are interested in the hairspray I now use (read here for backstory), it's L'oreal Satin Elnett in Unscented, Extra Strong Hold.  I love it!

PPS I would link to Shoppers Drug Mart, since that's where I shop, but they don't have many of their products listed online.

xo jules
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Happy Belated Earth Day!


(Sweater and Blouse by Joe Fresh (similar JF sweater in other colours, similar JF cardigan in light purple), Pants by Gap (here in black), Shoes by Aldo (similar by Aldo), Bag by Old Navy (sold out, similar by F21), Bracelets by Obviously Chic (pop-up shop, I don't see them online), Nails by Essie "Turquoise and Caicos") 

So you may be wondering why I'm not showing my face in many of these photos ... and the truth is, I set my tripod & camera accidentally pointing downwards too far & the top of my head was cut off in just about all of the photos!  Haha whoops!

Anyways, I think this is kind of a sweet (and very Easter-y) outfit from about a week ago.  And this is the Old Navy tote I keep talking about, finally making it's blogging debut!  I'm a one-purse kinda gal that's why I haven't been taking pictures with it (I don't want you to have to see it in!) but it definitely deserves a little love.  It is super roomy, and the faux-leather looks really high quality in person.

Over and out!
xo jules
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Easter Monday - Professional Talk


(Blazer by H&M, Top by Old Navy, Pants by Zara (old, similar), Shoes by Vince Camuto (outlet), Necklace by Aldo (old, similar), Nails "Turquoise and Caicos" by Essie) 

Hi everyone!
Happy Easter Monday!

T & I are driving back to Vancouver from the Okanagan today as we spent the weekend indulging with my family and enjoying the long weekend.  Tomorrow I start (another) new job and I am pretty excited!  It's in my field (Arts) which is fantastic, and among other things, is within walking distance so I am pretty happy about the short commute time!  One problem I've found, looking young, is being taken seriously in a professional setting.  I have a feeling this could be a potential problem at my new job (not by co-workers or superiors, but by clients) so I think I am going to attempt to dress a little more professionally than I have been.  It will definitely be a process of trial and error because I know there's no magic formula and I don't want to change the way I dress entirely.  If you have any tips, please send them my way! ... I have a feeling I will be wearing blazers a lot!

xo jules
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Happy Easter Weekend!


(Blazer by H&M (similar H&M), Sweater by J.Crew Factory (here in Navy/White), Pants by H&M (here in other colours), Necklace by Aldo (similar), Shoes by Aldo (here in black))

Hi everyone!

Just popping in to say a quick hello and I hope you all have a happy Easter!

xo jules
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Casually Cool


(Cardigan by H&M (old, similar), Top by Gap, Pants by Citizens of Humanity (via eBay), Boots by Hunter (via eBay), Bag by Wedding Chicks, Glasses by Firmoo, Necklace by TIffany & Co.) 

This top is one that I picked up at Gap during a recent 40% off sale.  It is super soft and has a nice longer length.  It came in a bunch of other colours too but somehow I managed to restrain myself to only purchasing this one, in Spring's It Colour - mint.  I wore this outfit to work on a Saturday (more casual) when it was supposed to rain and as I recall, it didn't rain at all.  I felt so stupid that I didn't bring a pair of flats to change in to at work and instead was traipsing around in these boots all day for no apparent reason.
This tote is from our wedding; we had them customized from Wedding Chicks and gave them out to each couple at the beginning of the week with some goodies inside.  I used mine every day and I was so happy to see a lot of our guests using them as well.  This outfit is from before I bought this Old Navy tote but I needed a bag big enough to carry all of my things to work!
xo jules
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What I wore on this day last year:



(Jacket no name via eBay (old, similar by Gap), Sweater by Banana Republic (outlet), Dress (worn as a skirt) by Forever 21 (old, similar by ModCloth), Tights by Gap, (sold out, similar by Hue) Boots by Aldo (similar by Steve Madden), Scarf no name via eBay (similar by F21), Purse by Coach (outlet) (old, similar)) 

Good Morning! Happy Monday!

It's a short week this week because of Easter Weekend, and T and I are taking both Friday and Monday as part of the holiday and heading up to the Okanagan to visit my family.  And when we get back, I'll be starting at a new job!  I'm really excited about this one because it's in my field (Arts) and I'll be working in a new-to-me environment - a Fine Art Auction House!

This outfit is kind of sweet, with the flared skirt & bow print.  It's almost the exact outfit I wore to my bridal shower in December, but I didn't get any pictures of that, so here we are!  I love the idea of topping a dress with a sweater to create a two-piece look, it really adds to the variety of outfits you can make with a dress, which can sometimes get boring on it's own.

Anyways, here's to a great (short) week!
xo jules
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What I wore on this day last year:
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