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(Blazer by Urban Outfitters, Sweater by Old Navy (similar by F21), Skirt by H&M, Tights by Gap or Urban Outfitters (old, can't remember - similar grey by Jacob), Shoes by Vince Camuto (outlet), Necklace by Aldo (similar by Le Chateau)) 

I tried to do one of those cool French-braid-messy-bun hairstyles on this day ... and I don't think it was very successful!  The photos look okay, actually, and the girl at the bank complimented me on it (without prompting!) but I just wasn't feeling it!  Maybe I'm just not used to doing it that way, so I thought it looked weird?  I dunno, I just wasn't into it and it makes me discouraged to try again.

My new (2 week old?) hair routine is: wash hair Tuesday morning, blowdry and straighten.  Dry shampoo & re-straighten Wednesday.  Dry shampoo & curl Thursday.  Dry shampoo & sock bun Friday.  Wash hair Saturday, blowdry and straighten (if going to work.  If not, airdry).  Sunday - nada.

As you can see, I've recently jumped on the "dry shampoo is amazing train" and I don't see getting off anytime soon.  The problem before, was that I hadn't found a good one!  Well, my weapon of choice is now Klorane Dry Shampoo.  It's $13.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart, doesn't smell totally toxic, absorbs oil & doesn't leave white residue!  I also wanted to try Batiste because it's even cheaper, and it was on sale when I went to buy more Klorane.  I think I bought the "XXL Volume" one and all I can say is WOW!  This stuff drys the crap out of your hair and creates crazy volume!  Definitely not for everyday use (for me), but definitely handy for when you need A LOT of volume.

PS If you are interested in the hairspray I now use (read here for backstory), it's L'oreal Satin Elnett in Unscented, Extra Strong Hold.  I love it!

PPS I would link to Shoppers Drug Mart, since that's where I shop, but they don't have many of their products listed online.

xo jules
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