Work It


(Cardigan by Song (similar), Top by Urban Outfitters (similar), Pants by Gap, Boots by Aldo, Necklace by Joe Fresh (similar))

So this is pretty much the same outfit that I wore last week, but with a closet full of striped shirts and cardigans, what do you expect?  No but seriously when an outfit works for you, why not go with it?
xo jules

A Bright Blazer & BlogShop


(Blazer by F21 (here in a different colour, similar pink blazer here), Sweater by Joe Fresh (similar), Pants by Old Navy, Boots by Aldo (similar), Necklace by Tiffany & Co.) 
This outfit was way too boring without the blazer so I'm glad I thought to throw it on before I headed out the door.

Have you heard that BlogShop is coming to Vancouver ?
I'm not sure if I'm going to go yet as it's $750 and I can't really afford that right now .. but I know it would be a good investment .. both for the blog & personally .. so we'll see!  
Are any of you going ? 
xo jules

Another Attempt ... Dress worn as Skirt


 (Sweater by Joe Fresh, Dress (worn as a skirt) by F21 (similar), Tights by Gap, Booties by Aldo, Earrings gifted)


Here's another attempt at a dress worn as a skirt ... what do you think?
This dress has a flared bottom, which I think looks pretty cute with the sweater layered over top.  Also, you can't tell from the pics, but these tights have a cable-knit pattern as well.

Here's to a great week!

xo jules

A Different Look


(Sweater & Necklace by H&M (similar sweater, necklace), Pants by Banana Republic (similar by Banana), Shoes by Aldo) 

So here's a bit of a different look for me.

I have been thinking about getting rid of some of my dress pants, like these, since I never wear them anymore.  These ones I particularly like, because they are wool, and lined (= warm and good quality).  I figured I would try on and wear a pair or two before deciding.
I actually don't mind the silhouette, and think it helps that I am wearing wedges so my legs look longer ... but the truth is, they are too baggy around the hip/crotch/bum area.
 Sadly, I think they have to go.
xo jules

Magazine Subscriptions


(Cardigan & Pants by Gap, (similar cardigan) Top by H&M (similar), Necklace & Boots by Aldo (similar necklace))

Do any of you subscribe to magazines ?
I started to, about two years ago, and highly recommend it!
I always look(ed) longingly at the magazines at the drugstore, grocery store and bookstore but would feel guilty spending the money (most of the time ... I am known to have splurged!).
If there are one or two magazines that you especially like (for me, it's InStyle), do yourself a favour & treat yourself to a subscription. I love getting them in the mail & most often read my magazines at the gym, so when I get a new one, I'm actually excited to get to the gym to read it!
xo jules

Summery Dress & Pink Snood


(Sweater by Zara (similar), Dress (worn as a skirt) (similar) & Scarf by F21 (similar), Tights by Gap (similar), Shoes by Urban Outfitters (similar))   

I found a way to wear this dress in the winter!
At first, (in my mind,) I thought the pinks matched perfectly.  They do not.  The tones in the dress are more coral, but I think it works anyways. Perhaps even better than if they matched.  I've got a big black knitted snood that could have worked too, but I really wanted to wear this one!  You can't tell in these pics, but it's got some silver sparkly threads in it which adds a nice dimension.
xo jules

Dinner & A Movie


(Blazer by H&M (similar), Top by F21 (similar), Pants by Gap, Boots & Necklace by Aldo, (similar necklace))

Hi everyone!
How was your weekend?

I worked Saturday, then T and I went out for dinner & a movie.
Dine Out Vancouver is on now, so we decided to try out a new place near the theatre downtown.  The food was good but the vibe of the place was really weird.
Then, we saw Django Unchained.  I really liked it, but unfortunately we went to a late show, and the movie is almost 3 hours long, so I was really tired about halfway through!

Have you seen any good movies lately?
xo jules

Longing for the Beach


(Blazer by H&M (similar), Dress & Belt by F21 (similar), Tights by Gap, Shoes by Payless (here in other colours), Necklace by Aldo (similar)) 

I'm really longing for a hot, sunny vacation right now ... how about you?

The weather is not even bad right now, which is usually my trigger.  Actually, to be honest, I always want to go on a beach vacation in January/February.  T and I have been fortunate enough to go on one for the past few years but I this year I don't think it's in the cards (and by cards I mean bank account).
  Do you have plans to lay on a beach this winter?  Whereabouts?  Tell me everything so I can vacay vicariously through you!
xo jules

Much Love for Scarves


(Cardigan by Gap (similar), Top by H&M (similar), Skirt by Dynamite (similar), Scarf by Urban Outfitters (similar), Tights by Gap, Shoes by Payless (similar) (here in other colours))  

I have much love for scarves.
They keep you surprisingly warm, even when made of thin material.  Just as important (more important when it's not cold out), they can add a lot of interest to an outfit.  Whether it's colour, pattern, texture, or all three, a scarf is one of the best ways to "jazz up" an outfit.
Yes, I just used "jazzed up" seriously.

Anyways ...
I'm always on the look out for new scarves to add to my collection, so if you have any fave places to buy yours, please let me know!

xo jules

The Story of My New Boots


(Cardigan & Dress by H&M (similar dress) (similar cardigan), Belt by J.Crew Factory (similar), Tights by Aritzia, Socks by Calvin Klein (gifted) (similar), Boots by Aldo (gifted), Glasses c/o Firmoo) 

Hi everyone, Happy Monday!
I finally got a pair of brown leather boots!  I've been wanting to buy some since last fall (no, not 2012, the year before!) and initially had my eye on the "Intyce" by Steve Madden.  However, they were a little pricey for me, and almost identical to my black leather boots from Aldo.   In September, I found the "Taite" at Aldo and knew they were the ones (I tried them on in-store to ensure proper fit, etc).  Originally priced at $150, I decided to wait it out for a sale.  Various 10% off or 15% off coupons came up, but it just didn't seem like a good enough deal for me to bite the bullet.
Around Christmastime, I mentioned to T that I really wanted this pair of boots at Aldo and he was sweet enough to give me some money towards them.  I placed the order on boxing day (now priced at $90.99) and waited for them to arrive in the new year.  About 12 days later, I get an email from Aldo saying they have received my 'return request' for the Taite boots.  Panicked, I called Aldo customer service (waited on hold for 20 minutes!) and was told that when I initially placed the order, my size had sold out, but the order went through anyways.  The 'return request' was their way of telling me that I wasn't getting the boots & they had refunded my credit card.  Meanwhile, as I was on hold, I went to the Aldo website, and saw that Taite was on sale for $75, so I was going to ask for a price adjustment.  Customer service gave me an additional 10% for their mistake (Taite was in stock in my size), I was refunded the initial purchase price of $90.99 + tax and the boots arrived 3 days later!

xo jules

Spring-ey in January


(Cardigan by Costa Blanca (gifted, similar), Top by Old Navy (similar), Pants by H&M (similar), Shoes by Urban Outfitters (similar)) 

Here's a bright & Spring-ey outfit to take us into the weekend!
Oh, and a cute little ponytail :)
I am having a slight hair crisis at the moment ... as in, I can't decide what to do with it.  My bangs need to be cut, and I want blunt bangs, but I don't think they would look good with my current haircut ... real 1st world problems over here, I'm telling ya!
Anyways, I've scheduled an appointment with my stylist, who is awesome & always knows what to do!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!  
xo jules

Sweater Dress Re-Mix


(Cardigan by Zara (similar), Dress by Old Navy (similar), Tights by Gap, Scarf by Le Chateau, Belt by F21 (similar), Shoes by Banana Republic (outlet) (similar), Earrings by Tiffany & Co.) 

There are only so many ways to re-wear a dress without repeating your outfit entirely.
I have worn this one with blazers on a few occasions (here) & although I was unsure a cardigan would be warm enough, it did the trick (I think the long-sleeve dress & cozy scarf had something to do with that!).

If you have any suggestions on how else I could remix this dress, please let me know in the comments!
xo jules

Green Cowl Neck Sweater & Patterned Pants


(Blazer by Urban Outfitters (on sale for $20!), Sweater by Dynamite (similar), Pants by H&M (similar), Belt by J. Crew Factory (similar), Boots by Aldo (similar), Jewelry by Tiffany & Co. (ring here))

I remember when I bought this sweater, I thought it was a dress.  Then I put it on and realized it was waaaay too short to be a dress!  I love the forest green colour of it, the large cowl neck & the cable-knit pattern.  The only thing I don't like about it?  It has short sleeves, so in the winter I have to wear a blazer or cardigan over it.

Happy Monday, loves!
xo jules

Back At 'Er


(Dress & Cardigan by H&M (similar dress, similar cardy), Tights by Gap, Belt by Joe Fresh (similar), Shoes by F21 (similar), Necklace by Tiffany & Co.) 

 I've been at home with the flu for the past 2 days but I hope by the time you read this, I'll be back at 'er and feeling better.

Have a great weekend!
xo jules
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