(Cardigan by Song, Top by Old Navy, Jeans by J Brand, Shoes by Payless, Jewelry by Tiffany & Co., Joe Fresh &F21) 

Good morning and happy Friday!
Just a quickie today as I am heading off to work to hang a new show that opens tomorrow ... hence the jeans.

Have a fab weekend!
xo jules

Shout out to Jacob


(Blazer by H&M, Shirt c/o Jacob, Pants by Zara, Shoes by Urban Outfitters, Ring by Le Chateau, Earrings by Joe Fresh) 

I'd like to welcome my newest sponsor to jules in flats, Jacob!

Jacob is a Canadian retailer that I have been shopping at for years.  Their style generally is work-appropriate, but I when I was in high school I went to a private boarding school where jeans were rarely allowed and dress pants, collared shirts and similar office-appropriate attire was the dress code (when we weren't in uniform, that is).

 So naturally I was thrilled when they contacted me!

This top has been a fave of mine since it arrived in the mail about a month ago.  I have worn it numerous times but somehow it hasn't made it into an outfit pic!  On sale for $22.49, it's a steal, too!
xo jules

Black and White


(Cardigan & Dress by H&M, Belt by F21, Shoes by Urban Outfitters, Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.)

 I just realized that this was the second day I wore black and white stripes on top!  Oops!

I was feeling a bit uninspired so I just threw on this black dress and topped with some easy (and easily interchangeable) accessories.

Here are some iPhone pics of my F21 dresses ... should I keep them all, or ...?

(burgundy bow dress only available in medium)

 (orange dots on black dress with a cute bow tie neck)

('ditsy geo print dress' with belt)
xo jules

A Good Scarf


(Button up by Joe Fresh, Striped shirt by H&M, Pants by Gap, Shoes by Aldo, Scarf by Old Navy) 

I love a good scarf to keep me warm on chilly days!
This one from Old Navy was purchased in the summer, but I think the colour transitions nicely into fall.  These shoes were also purchased this summer on major sale but unfortunately are on the brink of giving me blisters :( ... I'll have to see what can be done about that.  Any recommendations ?  I've heard the Band-Aid heel balm is good ...
xo jules

Well hey there, Fall


(Top & Pants by H&M, Shoes by Urban Outfitters, Ring by Le Chateau, Necklace by Tiffany & Co.) 

Mother Nature is really keeping her seasons on track this year!  The first day of fall, Friday, was a stark contrast to the sunny skies and warmth in the air we had been enjoying.  This outfit, worn on Friday, was much too optimistic and had to be saved at lunch time by a cardigan, blazer and scarf.  Which even then was not enough.
Anyways, I am confident that although Fall is officially here, we will still be granted a few sunny days amidst all the grey.  Sunday = case in point.

These are new pants from H&M!  They were only $20 and are the same style & fit as my (new) red ones.  A deal I say!  There were other patterns which I seriously considered (see here) but I thought that I would actually wear these more than any other.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!
xo jules

Purple Ikat Dress & TGIF


(Blazer by Urban Outfitters, Dress by Gap (outlet), Sandals & Necklace by Aldo) 

Happy Friday everyone!
I don't know about you, but I am really ready for the weekend!  Kind of strange, considering T and I will both be doing a lot of work on the new apt (still haven't finished painting & unpacking!) and there is still stuff at the old apt which needs to find a new home, or be donated to a local thrift shop.  I think I am just looking forward to getting a lot of it done already!

I hope you all have a great one!

xo jules



(Top by Dynamite, Pants by Gap, Shoes by Urban Outfitters, Necklace by H&M) 

This is my first statement necklace!  What do you think?
I saw it at H&M and since I didn't have too many other items in my bag I decided to go for it.  It was also only $ 17.95.  I wore it later for dinner as well:

And received lots of compliments so I think it was a success!  
xo jules

Abstract Print Collared Dress


(Dress by F21, Sandals by Le Chateau, Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.) 

I just got this dress in the mail from Forever 21 and am in love with it!
Since my recent shopping trip came up empty in my quest for printed dresses & blouses, I knew a F21 online purchase was in order.  I already had about 8 dresses in my shopping cart and managed to narrow it down to 4.  I also picked up a casual blazer ($12.99 online but the tag says $27.80) in the BOGO sale which prompted me to push the "check out" button.

This dress in no longer available online (was $12.99 but the tag sags $27.80, possibly because of the BOGO sale?) :( however, the 3 other dresses I ordered are (except this one ($17.50), which I ordered in burgundy, not navy). Here's the Ditsy Geo Dress ($17.80) & the Polka Dot Tie Neck Dress ($23.80).

Unbelievably, the weather is still amazing & I was able to wear this dress as-is.  I am looking forward to wearing it throughout the fall & winter though, with tights, boots, cardigans & belts!
xo jules

Pencil Skirt & Heels


(Top by Banana Republic (outlet), Skirt by H&M, Sandals by Aldo, Earrings by Joe Fresh)

 Wearing this outfit reminded me of why I haven't worn this pencil skirt for a long time:
1. Wearing heels makes it look infinitely better.  2. It doesn't stay in place.

I made a conscious decision to wear both this skirt and these sandals yesterday.  In the spring, I really really wanted a pair of sandals like these.  I finally got them, and have worm them all of what, 5, times?  It was time to break them out again while the weather is still good.
This skirt is the only black one I own, and looks good with heels, so boom, there's the outfit!

But I was constantly pulling at the skirt to adjust it and that's no fun.  I'm curious to know if it's just the brand, or if all pencil skirts have this tragic flaw ... any advice would be appreciated!
xo jules

Gallery Openings


(Dress by Banana Republic (outlet), Shoes by Payless, Bracelets by Sirens, Necklace by Tiffany & Co.)   

We had our first opening of the season at the gallery on Saturday and this is what I wore.  You might be thinking that gallery openings are fancy-schmancy and perhaps I should be wearing heels or something like that.  You might also think that people get dressed up to come to these shin-digs.  Well I am here to tell you that both of those things are false!  Yes, gallery openings are a special occasion so I like to wear something nice.  Usually a dress, or a skirt.  But heels?  No.  During the week, at my job, there are various tasks which come up that heels might not be suited to (think: crating a painting), but a lot of the time I am sitting at a desk, so if I were so inclined, I could wear heels.  But at openings, I am standing the whole time, walking around on the gallery's concrete floors, talking to people.  Heels are just not worth it.  There is a caveat, however.  Most of our openings are on Saturday afternoons, which has a casual feeling to it.  Occasionally we will have an opening in the evening, which calls for being a bit dressier.  I might wear heels to one of these events.  Might.
xo jules

Palmero Hairdo


(Top by F21, Pants by H&M (new!), Shoes by Urban Outfitters, Earrings by Joe Fresh) 

Olivia Palmero always looks so chic, and among other things, when her hair is pulled back she manages to make it look so elegant, even if it is just a ponytail or bun.  This is my attempt at such a look.

So, these are new pants from H&M!  On sale from $29.95 down to $20.  Now, I know what you're thinking - I already have a pair of pants this colour!  This is true.  I actually thought, in the store, that they were a different colour.  Then I get home.  They are the exact same colour!  Anyways.  These ones are a size smaller so they fit better ... and they were $20!
xo jules

See how else I wore this shirt here, here and here

Shopping Outfit


(Jacket by H&M, Cardigan by Zara, T by American Eagle, Jeans by J Brand, Shoes by Banana Republic (outlet), Scarf by Urban Outfitters, Bag by Coach) 

This is what I wore for my shopping excursion yesterday.  The weather was generally warm, but with a chilly breezy that popped up every now and again.  One thing I truly hate more than any other is being cold, so I try to always err on the side of caution and wear more than I might need.  This outfit has lots of light layers, so I could take off and put back on at my leisure, and my purse didn't get too heavy in the meantime.  I changed the strap on my purse to a long cross-body one so I could have my hands free (very important!) and didn't wear any jewelry so that I wouldn't have to worry about it catching on anything or losing it (which I have been known to do!)
I'll tell you what I bought in another post!
xo jules



(Sweater by RW & Co., Skirt by Gap, Shoes by Payless, Jewelry by Tiffany & Co., no name, & F21) 

This is my new outside space!
Definitely not as grand as our last space, but that's ok.  The space we have inside more than makes up for it.
  The weather totally cooled down so a longer skirt and a sweater were in order.  I hear the temps are supposed to rise again so I won't get too dejected yet.  

Today I am heading downtown to to some shopping.  H&M is #1 on my list, and I'd like to hit up Joe Fresh , Gap & Aldo as well.  I probably won't buy anything at Aldo but I want to try on these boots to see if they will be as perfect as I am hoping (and then I'll wait for them to go on sale before I buy them!). Other things I'm looking for are: richly coloured and/or patterned skinny pants, printed blouses, perhaps a cardigan or sweater, fun printed dresses (although I have about 10 in my virtual F21 shopping cart), and a thick cozy wrap cardigan sweater that doesn't make me look fat.

xo jules
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