Black and White


(Cardigan & Dress by H&M, Belt by F21, Shoes by Urban Outfitters, Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.)

 I just realized that this was the second day I wore black and white stripes on top!  Oops!

I was feeling a bit uninspired so I just threw on this black dress and topped with some easy (and easily interchangeable) accessories.

Here are some iPhone pics of my F21 dresses ... should I keep them all, or ...?

(burgundy bow dress only available in medium)

 (orange dots on black dress with a cute bow tie neck)

('ditsy geo print dress' with belt)
xo jules


  1. Those F21 dresses are super cute! Love your cardigan and belt in your outfit!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  2. I think you should keep all the dresses! They look beautiful on you.

  3. You should definitely keep all three, they look great. I especially like the dotted one with the bow tie neck.

  4. hi Jules,

    it's always awesome to discover a fellow Vancouverite doing their thang - your blog is great lades! thanks for giving me some rad "flat's" ideas too - so good!! i'm sure others have shared this with you before but i really see a resemblance to Hilary Swank. you're very pretty!

    i had to giggle when i read about your stripe obsesh. whenever i go shopping i end up with an arm-full of striped things, so funny. yours look great!! F21 is the BEST... i say if the price is right keep the whole boodle. super cute is what. happy week wishes! ♥

  5. That's a cute belt your wearing with that dress. I like the dress with the orange polka dots. Cute.



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