Shoulder panels


(Shirt by F21 (similar), Skirt by Dynamite (similar), Shoes by Urban Behaviour (similar), Necklace by Aldo (similar)) 

It's a long weekend here in Canada but I am working tomorrow :(  I hope if you have an

 extra day off you enjoy it!

Aside from the polka dots, I really like the sheer black shoulder panels on this blouse, it adds interest to an otherwise could-be common top. 

Happy Friday!
xo jules

The Everygirl Book Club


(Top by Banana Republic (outlet) (similar), Pants by Gap, Shoes by Aldo (outlet) (similar), Belt by Aldo (I think?) (similar), Ring by Tiffany & Co., Earrings no name (similar)) 

Hi everyone!
Today The Everygirl announced that it is starting a book club, open to all of you lovely girls out there!  First of all, if you aren't familiar with The Everygirl, get your butt on over to their site, spend some time browsing around (their Career Feature is my fave), bookmark, then come back here!

... waiting ...

Ok, so now we are all on the same page.  The Everygirl is awesome.  So what's not to love about an online bookclub with the first choice picked by them, and subsequent books us readers get to help pick?  Online discussions every Monday and at the end of the month, a video conference with the author, Everygirl editors, a rep from Random House publishing and an honorary Everygirl!
I have never been a part of a book club but I do like the idea, and the best part for me is that it answers the question 'What do I read next?'.  Let's just hope the next pick isn't 'Fifty Shades of Gray' ... I am so over hearing everyone talking about it!
xo jules

Almost a repeat


(Cardigan by Song (similar), Shirt by Joe Fresh (similar), Skirt by H&M (similar), Shoes by Banana Republic (outlet) (similar), Bracelets by Sirens (similar)) 

This post from last week is what had me feeling like I was repeating an outfit today.
Close, but no cigar!

xo jules

Belt Story



(Skirt by F21, Top by Sirens, Yellow belt by Aldo (similar), Pink belt by F21, Shoes by Aldo, Earrings by Spring (similar), Ring by Le Chateau (?) (similar)) 

Something about the pink belt just didn't feel right!  I think I was trying to force the skirt to be higher-waisted than it was made to be , and the pink belt was not creating the illusions of curves as a good belt should.  Luckily, I had enough time to swap out the belt, lower the skirt onto my hips a bit more and snap a couple more photos!

You may have noticed that I am wearing Aldo wedges today ... I broke down and bought the Lamaster!  I ended up ordering them online as there was a promo for free shipping and I figured I could just return them if they didn't fit right.  I got a size 36 and am really happy I didn't go up to a 37 because they fit great!  The leather straps are quite comfy and stretchy and the overall look is perfectly simple.  They ended up being $43.11 all in.  Pretty good I say.

I also wanted to mention that I have been overwhelmed (in a good way!) with all the new visitors to my blog and all the lovely comments you've been leaving!  Thank you thank you thank you!!
xo jules



(Dress by Banana Republic (outlet) (similar), Belt by H&M (see this post, no longer available online), Shoes by Payless (here but in a different colour), Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.) 

Do you guys know who Sarah Richardson is?  She has had about 10 home design shows on HGTV and is still going strong.  She always looks cute and I she gives me serious blazer envy ... not to mention I love her home design!  Anyways I was watching one of her shows (Sarah 101) last week ... and she wore this dress!  She wore it sans belt, with a statement necklace and it looked really good!  I was going to try that today, but I found the dress just didn't look as good on me without a belt ... Perhaps if I were more naturally curvy it would work for me, but the belt really helps define my waist and I think its good to draw attention to the smallest part of your torso!
xo jules

Cowboy Neckerchief


(Shirt by American Eagle Outfitters (similar), Pants, Belt & Scarf by Joe Fresh (similar pants, similar scarf), Shoes by Le Chateau, Ring no name) 

I didn't realize how many Joe Fresh pieces I was wearing today until I started writing this!
Wearing this scarf like this (without a cardigan or jacket, I guess) makes me feel a bit like a cowboy wearing a neckerchief ... but I love infinity scarves (and scarves in general, in case you haven't noticed) so much that I don't even care if this look is a bit Western :)
xo jules

Shorty Pin-spiration



(Shorts by Banana Republic (outlet), Blouse & sweater by H&M, Shoes by Le Chateau, Necklace by Aldo) 

Today's outfit was inspired by this image I saw on Pinterest this morning: 

 Unfortunately the pin does not link back to the original post, but the caption says J. Crew, and I like it!
xo jules

Show Off


(Dress by Banana Republic (outlet) (similar), Bralette by GapBody, Shoes (similar) & Necklace (similar) by Aldo, Ring by Le Chateau (similar)) 

The last time I wore this dress I wore a white slip underneath that unfortunately poked out the bottom of the dress!  This time around I've got on a pair of seamless shorts by Jockey (similar & yes, completely unflattering on their own) and a bralette by GapBody which I think does the trick.  However ... this is not a full wrap dress, meaning the bottom part doesn't completely wrap around to the other side, and neither does the top part ... which means that if a gust of wind comes along you are in terrible danger of showing a lot more than you bargained for!
xo jules

Hang Time


(Cardigan by Costa Blanca (gifted), Tank by Song, Pants & Belt by H&M, Shoes by Banana Republic (outlet), Necklace by Joe Fresh) 

These pants are so great I wore them twice in a row!  This outfit is from Saturday, when I was at work.  On Sunday, I wore them again to fly home, go for brunch, go mini golfing with my dad and brother, and for a big family dinner.  I swapped in sandals, a striped tank, tan belt, minimal jewelry and a slouchy black blazer.  I really want another pair in a different colour ... or maybe a print ?!

xo jules

Old Navy Fitting Room Reviews



In store:
 Both size XS.  Kinda boxy, neither colour particularly flattering.  But for some reason I really want the blue one ...

Women's Denim Cut-Off Shorts (3") $22.94

In store, size 2:

Size 4:
 Not much of a difference in terms of fit.  The 2 is sold out online so if I decide to get them it will be in the size 4, which was slightly looser (aka comfier) overall.  These are a fun, trendy item that I think would be well worth the full price of $22.94 and are even more tempting when you add on a discount of 20 or 30% by waiting for an online sale.  Vancouver is rarely hot enough to wear shorts though so I can't decide if I should go for it or not.

And in White, size 2:
  Brought the white in as a back up in case I didn't like the neon.  They look a bit bigger than the neon, but felt the same.  Grabbed a pair in size 4 as well, but turns out they were a totally different style!

Women's Ribbed Tank $9.50
not available online in this colour :(
XS on the left, S on the right
Not much of a difference in size, both are quite tight and on the longer size.  If it was available in this colour online, I might buy it, but I don't love it.  I would have tried on a M as well, but I just asked the SA for a small and didn't want to bug her again!

And a few other things I tried on but didn't like:
From left to right: Women's Cap-Sleeve Henleys in XS $16.94, Women's Flutter-Sleeve Top in XS $22.94 (no longer online (?)), Women's Smocked Printed Skirt in S $29.94 (on sale now for $25.00.  No XS available in-store for me to try on.


And last but not least, I am in love with this scarf!


It wasn't available in store, but I will definitely be ordering it online!
You can't really go wrong with a scarf, you know it's going to fit :) 

I'll let you know what I end up getting and I hope that this was helpful!
xo jules

Not Exactly High Fashion


(Cardigan by Song, Shirt by TNA (Aritzia), Jeans by J Brand, Sandals by Aldo) 

HI everyone!  Happy Friday!
The weather forecast was for a warm sunny day so I was imagining cute outfits involving a summer dress or skirt, only to realize this morning that I had to wear something comfortable and practical for re-hanging the gallery today.  Dresses and skirts = inappropriate choice for said activity.  So here I am with a rather boring jeans and t-shirt combo.  But hey, I never said my life was glamorous and I do believe in dressing appropriately. 

These polo shirts by TNA were really popular a couple of years ago and I kind of went overboard, purchasing 4 in different colours ... this is the first time I've worn one in at least a year ... definitely not my smartest shopping decision.
xo jules

Keeping You Informed


(Cardigan by Song (similar), Shirt by Joe Fresh (similar), Skirt by F21 (similar), Boots by Le Chateau (similar), Earrings by Joe Fresh (similar), Bangles by unknown) 

Why hello there!

You may (or maybe not?) have noticed that I have started linking to similar items available for purchase.  If the real item is available, I will link to it but I just wanted to let you know that I have started working with advertisers and linking to products is one way of doing that.  A lot of style bloggers and style readers already know this but if you don't, here's the deal:  If you click on a link that is sponsored by an advertiser, and you purchase that item, I will make a commission on that purchase.  That's it.
You will also see that the right hand side of this blog now has some ads on it.  I hope you don't find them too distracting.

Just a heads up that I will be out of town for a few days next week and will probably not be doing outfit posts those days ... If I get around to it I may do some 'fitting room reviews' from my shopping trip on Monday ... we'll see!
xo jules
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