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In store:
 Both size XS.  Kinda boxy, neither colour particularly flattering.  But for some reason I really want the blue one ...

Women's Denim Cut-Off Shorts (3") $22.94

In store, size 2:

Size 4:
 Not much of a difference in terms of fit.  The 2 is sold out online so if I decide to get them it will be in the size 4, which was slightly looser (aka comfier) overall.  These are a fun, trendy item that I think would be well worth the full price of $22.94 and are even more tempting when you add on a discount of 20 or 30% by waiting for an online sale.  Vancouver is rarely hot enough to wear shorts though so I can't decide if I should go for it or not.

And in White, size 2:
  Brought the white in as a back up in case I didn't like the neon.  They look a bit bigger than the neon, but felt the same.  Grabbed a pair in size 4 as well, but turns out they were a totally different style!

Women's Ribbed Tank $9.50
not available online in this colour :(
XS on the left, S on the right
Not much of a difference in size, both are quite tight and on the longer size.  If it was available in this colour online, I might buy it, but I don't love it.  I would have tried on a M as well, but I just asked the SA for a small and didn't want to bug her again!

And a few other things I tried on but didn't like:
From left to right: Women's Cap-Sleeve Henleys in XS $16.94, Women's Flutter-Sleeve Top in XS $22.94 (no longer online (?)), Women's Smocked Printed Skirt in S $29.94 (on sale now for $25.00.  No XS available in-store for me to try on.


And last but not least, I am in love with this scarf!


It wasn't available in store, but I will definitely be ordering it online!
You can't really go wrong with a scarf, you know it's going to fit :) 

I'll let you know what I end up getting and I hope that this was helpful!
xo jules

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  1. I like the gingham tops too but they are a bit boxy. Did you buy anything? The colorful denim shorts are so cute too
    the fashionable ESQ


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