Last Day Before the Break


(Cardigan no name (from Winners), Sweater by Old Navy, Pants by Gap, Boots by Le Chateau, Necklace by Joe Fresh) 

Hi everyone!
I'm on holidays for 5 days (starting today at 6pm!) and will probably not be blogging again until next Thursday.  I hope you all have a safe & happy holiday! 

xo jules

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Snow Day


(Cardigan & Belt by H&M, Dress by Joe Fresh, Tights by Gap, Boots by Aldo, Bracelets by Sirens, Earrings gifted) 

It was Vancouver's first snow day yesterday!
If you don't know, people freak out in Vancouver when it snows.  The busses can't get up hills, most cars don't have snow tires (and yet they still attempt to drive in the snow), streets don't get salted until it's too late, sirens are (almost) constantly ringing through the streets due to the many accidents and stuck cars ... it's really ridiculous!
If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I hate driving in the snow (bad past experience) so I feel very fortunate that I am able to walk to work now.
Stay safe out there, everyone!
xo jules

Top Knots & Headaches


(Blazer by H&M (similar), Sweater by RW & Co. (similar), Pants by Gap, Shoes by Aldo, Scarf by Le Chateau (similar), Earrings by Joe Fresh (similar)) 

Does anyone else ever get a headache from wearing their hair in a topknot ?  I do sometimes, but not always.  This day was a headache day :(  What's more unfortunate is when you really want to commit to the hairstyle, even though it means suffering.  I assure you, I immediately let my hair down as soon as I got home from work ! 
By the way, I'm wearing the new shoe liners I told you about last week in this photo, and although they still show, they're not nearly as bad as others I've tried.  Plus they have more staying power. 
xo jules

One Week Till Christmas!


(Blazer by H&M (similar), Sweater by Joe Fresh (similar), Skirt by J.Crew Factory (similar), Tights by Gap, Boots by Aldo (similar), Ring & Necklace by Tiffany & Co., Earrings no name (similar)) 

I really didn't want to put any effort into getting dressed today.  And now, editing these photos at 10pm on Monday night, I realize that this skirt is too big for me, which is why I always feel like I'm at a loss when I try to style it.  A sad day for both me and the skirt.
But I did want to mention (on a happier note) that before blogging (including reading style blogs) I probably would have never thought to layer a blazer over a cowl neck sweater.  Not quite sure why, really, seems normal enough now that I 'say it out loud', but let me tell you, it never crossed my mind before!  Like a nice thick sweater was the final layer and that was that.  Well not anymore, sweater.
xo jules

Layers up Top


(Sweater by Urban Behaviour (similar), Cardigan by H&M (similar), Top by Aritzia (here in solid blue), Pants by Old Navy, Shoes by Payless (here in a different colour) (similar style in purple))

   I have a lot of layers going on here, which is not my usual.  But I like the combination of different patterns & textures in this outfit, plus, my top half was super warm!  

xo jules

Tortoise Shell


(Dress by Old Navy, Cardigan by H&M (similar), Belt by F21 (similar), Tights by Gap, Boots by Aldo (similar), Necklace by Tiffany & Co., Glasses c/o Firmoo)   

I wear glasses for reading, occasionally, but mostly I wear them when I'm on the computer at night.  So, I was delighted when Firmoo offered to send me a pair for free!  I chose larger "geek-tastic" plastic frames in a tortoise shell colour.  If you want to try out a new pair, check out Firmoo's First Pair Free program, where all you have to pay for is shipping!
xo jules

Long Skirt, Pink Top


(Top by Old Navy (similar), Skirt & Earrings by Joe Fresh (similar skirt) (similar earrings), Scarf & Shoes by F21(similar scarf) (similar shoes), Belt by H&M (similar)) 

I haven't worn a longer skirt in awhile (last time here) & figured it was about time!
I wore footless leggings underneath & black pantyhose-trouser socks (like these) to keep my legs & feet extra warm. I could have just worn tights, but leggings are just that much warmer!

Speaking of socky-things & keeping warm, I've ordered some of these no-show shoe liners in beige in hopes of keeping my feet somewhat warmer while wearing flats.  BUT I usually hate these types of 'socks'!  No matter how 'no-show' they claim to be, they always show and I can't stand it!  So here's hoping these ones are different :)
xo jules



(Cardigan by Aritzia, Top by Dynamite (similar), Pants by Zara (similar), Shoes by Banana Republic (outlet) (similar), Earrings no name from Hawaii) 

I am happy to say that all of my Christmas shopping is complete (and wrapped)!

We still might pick up a small gift each for our niece & nephew (ages 4 & 6, respectively) but that should be easy & wrapping won't be a problem as the gifts will probably be small in size.

In the past couple of years, my family has switched our gift-giving to a Secret Santa-style affair, meaning we each only have to buy one gift for another family member, at around $50.
Partners still buy for each other as well.  I am really happy about this arrangement for 2 reasons.
1. Shopping for 2 people is way easier than shopping for 10
2. We don't really need any more 'stuff'.  Christmas is about being with family, & presents are really just a bonus ... so the less focus there is on the gifts, the more focus we can give to what truly matters.   

xo jules



(Sweater & Pants by Joe Fresh (loving this $19 stripe sweater, too!), Boots & Necklace by Aldo (similar boots, similar necklace) 

Hi everyone!
 Apologies for the lack of post yesterday.  This is a simple outfit I wore last Friday.  The sweater is really thick & cozy, though being cable-knit (and therefore hole-y) a tank underneath is necessary.  I wear tanks or camis under pretty much all of my tops (and slips under dresses & skirts) in all seasons, except for summer.  Mine from Jacob are my favourite, but I do hope to find some with a deep v-neck for days when you want to wear something underneath, but don't want it to show or peek up through your v-neck top (see tomorrow's post for a classic example!).  Any recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated!
xo jules


Out of Town


(Blazer by H&M (similar), Sweater by RW & Co. (similar), Skirt by Song (similar), Tights by Gap, Shoes by Urban Outfitters (similar), Necklace by H&M (similar))   

I"m heading to Whistler for the night and couldn't be more excited!
It was a last minute invitation from a couple of friends and the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit.  Vancouver has been quite mild and dry, but Whistler has lots of snow and the Village always looks so beautiful covered in snow & lights.

I hope you have a great weekend, too!
xo jules

A Little Sparkle


(Sweater by Calvin Klein (outlet) (similar), Pants by Gap, Boots by Aldo, Ring by Tiffany & Co., Earrings by Joe Fresh (similar))  

I love this sweater.  The creamy-ivory colour, the sparkles around the neckline and the lightweight wool blend make it the perfect holiday sweater (if you're not going for the 'ugly sweater' look, that is!)
xo jules



(Dress by Banana Republic (outlet), (similar), Blazer by H&M (similar), Scarf by Old Navy, Tights & Shoes by Urban Outfitters (similar shoes), (tights here)) 

I just watched a great documentary, "The Imposter".  You should see it!
xo jules

Bad Shopping Habits


(Blazer & Top by Urban Outfitters, (similar top), Pants by Old Navy, Shoes by Aldo, Scarf by Le Chateau, Earrings by Spring (similar), Rings by Tiffany & Co. and no name from Dominican Republic) 

These cords are getting a lot of wear lately ... that tends to happen when I buy something new; I wear it all the time within the first few weeks of purchasing it ... and then it sits in my closet for the next few months!  A bit of a bad habit, I do admit, but this blog has been helping out with that, because I don't want to wear the same thing every week.

Do you have any bad shopping habits ?
xo jules

Holiday Show in Burgundy & Bows


(Cardigan by Song, Dress by F21, Tights by Gap, Belt by Aldo, Shoes & Necklace by F21, Earrings gifted (from Etsy))

 Happy December!
This is what I wore to our holiday show opening at the gallery on Saturday.
I think it's holiday-appropriate but not too obvious ... what do you think ?
xo jules
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