Top Knots & Headaches


(Blazer by H&M (similar), Sweater by RW & Co. (similar), Pants by Gap, Shoes by Aldo, Scarf by Le Chateau (similar), Earrings by Joe Fresh (similar)) 

Does anyone else ever get a headache from wearing their hair in a topknot ?  I do sometimes, but not always.  This day was a headache day :(  What's more unfortunate is when you really want to commit to the hairstyle, even though it means suffering.  I assure you, I immediately let my hair down as soon as I got home from work ! 
By the way, I'm wearing the new shoe liners I told you about last week in this photo, and although they still show, they're not nearly as bad as others I've tried.  Plus they have more staying power. 
xo jules


  1. I always get headaches from topknots or sock buns, haha! Glad I'm not the only one. Such a cute-casual outfit and I love the pop of colour in the flats. Have a lovely week!

    Xo Chelle


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