Monthly Outfit Roundup: June 2019

June Outfits Week Four




 Hi everyone!

It's a long weekend here in Canada since Monday is Canada Day and we have very few plans!  LOL . Getting out of town on a long weekend is always a bit of a nightmare with traffic, so that's why we went away last weekend instead!

We are going over to a friend's place on Sunday night for a bit of a Canada Day party and that's really the only thing we have planned!

I have a feeling there are going to be some good sales on this weekend - my colleague Kate and I were talking about how this is actually a great weekend for sales because summer stuff is on sale and you still have two months to wear it.  So now the question is do I shop online or in store?

I feel like T and I have quite a bit we could get done around the house this weekend too - we bought a big print for our living room that we just had framed, so that needs to get picked up and hung; our new couch arrived two weeks ago and we need to pick out some new throw pillows and a coffee table and we need a piece of art or a mirror for our dining room.  The patio is a whole other beast too, especially now that the big tree is gone :( but we're in a bit of a limbo as the balcony remediation is going to begin soon and I don't know if that means our patio will be totally out of commission or not.  We have meeting on Tuesday to talk about it so hopefully more answers & a timeline then!

June Outfits Week Three


Jules in Flats - June Outfits Week Three (Business Casual Workwear on a Budget)

Jules in Flats - June Outfits Week Three (Business Casual Workwear on a Budget)

Hi everyone!

As I mentioned last week, we went to the Okanagan to visit my family on the weekend!  We had pretty lovely weather while we were there and a jam-packed schedule!  We left Vancouver at lunch time on Friday and that night enjoyed dinner with my parents on their deck.  We slept over at my sister's house and in the morning drove up to Summerland to catch the last of my niece's soccer games for the season.  Then, we drove back to Penticton and walked through the farmer's market on Main Street to the car show!  My nephew loves cars so that activity was for him :) We grabbed lunch at the market (I had a bag of mini donuts - my fave!) and then hit up a few wineries on the way home!  That night we met my parents and my cousin at the local theatre to watch my niece perform in her year-end dance recital, followed by a delicious charcuterie board & card games.

On Sunday my parents hosted brunch for everyone and then we hung out poolside while the kids splashed and played.  We got back on the road in the afternoon and arrived back in Vancouver around 7:30pm last night!

June Outfits Week Two




Hi everyone!  How are you?

I mentioned last week that we were going to go to the Okanagan either this weekend or next weekend and we've decided to go next weekend!  I always edit my photos and write my blog post on the weekend so I'm not sure when next week's blog will get posted but I will let you know!

As you can see from my outfits, the weather was definitely warmer this week and I am here for it!

June Outfits Week One


Hi everyone!  Welcome to June!

I was looking through some of the outfits I wore in June from year's past for an Instagram #tbt post and I have to say, it looked like it was a lot warmer back then!  LOL Buuuut last weekend we had some pretty nice days (I got sunburnt!) and next week it's supposed to get to 30 degrees (Celsius) mid-week!

I had wanted to go to the Okanagan this weekend to visit my family but unfortunately the timing didn't work out - they were busy with life and the weather wasn't looking great, so we're rescheduling for either next weekend (Father's Day) or the one after that.

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