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This week it was difficult to take outfits pics outside due to the rain and it being so dark, so the format of today's post is a little different with a combination of DSLR and iPhone photos and mirror selfies.  I hope you don't mind!

It's clear however that I need to come up with a solution for outfit pics as it's not going to get any less rainy or dark in the coming months!  Well, Daylight Savings is tomorrow, so it will get lighter in the mornings, but I know we have many more months of rain to come!

At our old apartment, we had a covered balcony on the second floor of a three-storey building that faced south, so it got the morning light.  There weren't many trees, so even on a dark, rainy day the light was pretty decent.  And since both the camera and myself were covered, it all worked out!

At our new apartment, we also have a covered balcony that faces south, but we also have a lot of trees.  I actually love the trees, they provide a lot of privacy from neighbours and pedestrians and look lovely through our big dining and living room windows, but darn if they don't block out that morning light!

Writing this, I just realized that our building is having balcony renovations done starting in January, so this may all be a moot point anyways!  Regardless, I hope you'll continue to follow along and that you don't mind a few iPhone mirror selfies!!  xo

(scroll down for more!)
Jules in Flats - Burgundy Floral Shift Dress with Sweater Vest (Business Casual Fall Workwear on a Budget)
 Sweater Vest by Wilfred (Aritzia)
Dress by Dynamite (old, similar)
Tights by Gap
"Rodney" Flats by Sam Edelman

Jules in Flats - Dark Floral Peplum Top with Skinny Ankle Pants (Business Casual Fall Workwear on a Budget)
Blouse by Dynamite (old, similar)
"Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle" Pants by Old Navy
Mules by Town Shoes (old, similar)
(didn't realize I wore pretty much this exact same outfit already this month!)

Jules in Flats - Orange and Black Halloween Dress (Business Casual Fall Workwear on a Budget)

Jules in Flats - Orange and Black Halloween Dress (Business Casual Fall Workwear on a Budget)
Dress by Forever 21 (old, similar)
Sweater by Zara (old, similar)
Tights by Gap
Booties by Old Navy

Jules in Flats - Striped Sweater with Grey Ankle Pants and Nude Flats (Business Casual Fall Workwear on a Budget)

Jules in Flats - Striped Sweater with Grey Ankle Pants and Nude Flats (Business Casual Fall Workwear on a Budget)
Sweater by Old Navy (last season, similar)
"Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle" Pants by Old Navy (old colour)
"Bazovica" Leather Loafers by Aldo (old, similar)
I just bought these earrings on clearance from J.Crew Factory but they've sold out now, sorry!  The necklace I think is from Etsy

OK, now let's talk shopping!  My H&M order arrived and I'm definitely keeping the skirt, you'll probably see it on the blog next week :) . The jacket I'm pretty sure I'm going to return as it's just a bit too boxy in the shoulders.  I have a similar jacket from there that I feel the same way about, and always hesitate to wear it because of that.  The jumpsuit and cardigan from Hollister arrived yesterday, but I haven't tried them on yet so stay tuned on that!  In VERY good news, I finally found a pair of dress booties for work!!  I ended up going with the Steve Madden Blaire bootie, which has a totally walkable 2" block heel, pointed toe, and faux-suede sock-like upper.  They don't dig into my leg when I walk, they don't cut-off my leg visually and the pointed toe and slight heel make them dressy,  so I am super happy!  I walked to and from work in them yesterday (8 blocks each way) and they weren't uncomfortable at all!  There's no padding in the sole at all, so I may end up putting a small gel insole in the toe or something just for extra comfort, but I don't think it's necessary by any means.  Since they're a faux-suede, should I spray them with suede protector?!  Is that a stupid question?  LOL

Anyways, I hope you all have a great week, and thanks so much for reading!


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  1. That tweed skirt from H&M is adorable! I love tweed so I can't wait to see how you wear it!


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