Jules in Flats - August Outfits

Jules in Flats - August Outfits

Jules in Flats - Aritiza Wilfred Sabine Dress for Work
 "Sabine" Dress by Wilfred (Aritzia, old colour)
"Taylerr" Sandals by Steve Madden

Jules in Flats - Babaton Hopkins Tie-Front Blouse with Old Navy Pixie Pants
"Hopkins" Blouse by Babaton (Aritzia)
"Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle" Pants by Old Navy (old pattern)
Cross-Strap Slides by Gap (old, similar)

Jules in Flats - H&M Tie-Sleeve Dress
Tie-Sleeve Shift Dress by H&M (similar)
"Amelia" Suede Flats by J.Crew Factory (old, similar)
Marble Pendant Necklace by H&M (old)
Jules in Flats - Target Striped T-Shirt Dress with Artizia Dunkirk Sweater Vest
Striped T-Shirt Dress from Target (old, similar)
"Dunkirk" Sweater Vest by Wilfred (Aritzia)
"Taylerr" Flats by Steve Madden

Hi everyone!  How are you?

On Friday everyone kept saying how it was the last weekend of summer but in my experience that's just not true!  (Nor do I want it to be! LOL).  T & I went to Happy Hour at Tap & Barrel in Olympic Village after work and then ordered a pizza on our way home.  It's always nice to have some leftovers to munch on over the weekend, especially since we didn't have any groceries!  And we finally booked our tickets to Bali!!  Now we just have to decide when/where we want to go while we're there (ie, plan our trip itinerary) and book accommodation!

Yesterday I woke up early (boo), edited photos for the blog (this post as well as my Monthly Outfit Roundup) and then went for a run (about 5km).  Typically I have a strict no-working out on weekends (or more specifically, Sundays) policy but I really slacked off during the week and wanted to make up for it.  I haven't run in a long time and it was hot!  The first half of the run I felt great but the second half ... not so much! LOL

T went to Whistler yesterday so I took advantage of my alone time and went shopping!!  I said last week my budget is limited so I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to go shopping ... but I figured I needed a dress and shoes to wear to the wedding in Bali and the sooner I get them, the better!  So I avoided the Aritzia Warehouse Sale and all the new fall clothes out and focused on the task at hand!  I am happy to say I was successful!  I am going to wear this dress from Aritzia and these sandals from Sam Edelman.  I bought tassel earrings (similar) from H&M but am not sure that they go with the outfit??  What jewelry do you think I should wear?

Today I am going to the beach to try and extend my summer tan just a little bit longer!

What are you all up to this long weekend?  Any fun plans?  Tell me in the comments below!

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