Monthly Outfit Roundup: September 2014


Hi everyone!

Here's the Monthly Outfit Roundup for What I Wore in September.

They are slightly out of order from how I posted them on the blog - I think this collage is more accurate chronologically, if you were wondering :)

September was so warm, look at all those bare legs & sandals!

Outfit sources, left to right:

First Row: 1. Dress by Gap (old, similar), Belt by J.Crew Factory (old, similar), Sandals by Steve Madden // 2. Tank & Blazer byUrban Outfitters (both old, similar blazersimilar top), Pants by Old Navy, Sandals by Target // 3. Sweater by H&M (old, similar), Skirt by Forever 21 (old, similar), Shoes by Aldo (old, similar), Necklace by H&M (old,similar) // 4. Top by Old Navy (old, similar), Pants by H&M (old, similar), Sandals by Target

Second Row: 1. Cardigan by Zara (old, similar), Top by Urban Outfitters (old, similar), Skirt by Nordstrom Rack (similar), Sandals by Old Navy (sold out, similar) // 2. Blazer by H&M (old, similar), Top by Old Navy (old, similar), Pants by Old Navy, Shoes by Aldo (old, similar) // 3. Top by Urban Outfitters (old, similarsimilar), Skirt by Jacob (similarsimilar), Shoes by Banana Republic (outlet) (old, similar), Necklace by Aldo (old, similar) // 4. Blazer and Top by Urban Outfitters (both old, similar blazersimilar blazer),Pants by Old Navy, Shoes by Vince Camuto (outlet), Necklace by TIffany & Co.

Third Row: 1. Blazer by H&M (old, similar), Top by Banana Republic (outlet) (old, similar), Pants by Target, Shoes by H&M (old,similar), Necklace by Aldo (old, similar) // 2. Blazer by Urban Outfitters (old, similarsimilar), Dress by H&M (old,similar), Shoes by Aldo (old, similar), Belt by Forever 21 (old, similar), Necklace by H&M (old, similar) // 3. Blazer by H&M (old, similar), Top by Urban Outfitters (old, similar), Pants by H&M (old, similar), Sandals by Aldo(old, similar) // 4. Sweater by Banana Republic (outlet) (old, similar), Skirt by Off the Wall (old, similar), Shoes by Vince Camuto (outlet)

Fourth Row: 1. Top by H&M (old, similar), Scarf by Forever 21 (old, similar), Jeans by Gap, Flats by Aldo (old, similar) // 2. Top by Banana Republic Factory (old, similar), Cardigan by Gap (old, similar), Skirt by Dynamite (old, similar), Shoes by Vince Camuto (outlet) // 3. Dress by Forever 21 (old, similar), Vest by Gap (outlet) (old, similar), Boots by Aldo (old, similar), Belt by Joe Fresh(old, similar) // 4. Blazer by Urban Outfitters (old, similar), Top by Banana Republic (outlet), Pants by Old Navy, Shoes by Aldo (old, similar)

Fifth Row: 1. Top by Dynamite (old, similar), Skirt by Gap Factory (similar), Shoes by Vince Camuto (outlet) // 2. Sweater byGap (old, similar), Pants by Target, Shoes by Banana Republic Factory (old, similar), Necklace by Aldo (old, similar)) // 3. Top by H&M (old, similar), Sweater Vest by Gap Factory (old, similar), Skirt by Forever 21, Shoes by Aldo (old, similar), Necklace by H&M  (old, similar) // 4. Blazer and Dress by H&M (both old, similar dresssimilar blazer), Belt by Joe Fresh (old, similar), Shoes by Banana Republic Factory (old, similar))

xo jules

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