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1st Row: Gap - Striped Tank Top / Slim Cropped Pants / Navy Striped Tank Top / Pocket Tank Top
2nd Row: Old Navy - Tassel scarf / Drapey Cropped Pants / Denim Jacket  / Pixie Pants / Pixie Pants 

Gap & Old Navy were having major sales recently, so I put in an online order at both, knowing I probably wouldn't keep everything.  Gap in particular was having a sale on it's Premium Pants, and their black "Slim Cropped" style is basically what I live in at work.  Their Premium Pants are excluded from most sales, and rarely go on sale themselves so I was keen to purchase a replacement pair for my 2+ year old pair that is quickly fading.  Funnily enough, I tried on a size 2 and a size 4 at Gap last weekend, and the 2 was too tight in the waist ... plus full price in store ... but the 4 was too big.  I decided to risk it in my online order and went for a 2, which ended up fitting perfectly!  So strange how that happens sometimes.  I'm still waiting on the white with navy stripes tank top to arrive (it was shipped separately for some reason), but the only thing I'll be returning from the Gap order is the Pocket Tank Top, which was too boxy for my liking.

As for Old Navy, I had some Super Cash which needed using last week, and I've been dying for the Drapey Cropped Pants to be re-stocked in XS for months. Literally!  Ever since this Fitting Room Reviews post, I've had my eye on the size & price.  I wish I had just bought them back in February!  I was really curious about ON's Pixie Pant.  They went on a big blogger campaign awhile back and got great reviews, but I thought I tried them on in the same session as the Reviews I mentioned earlier, and they fit so badly I didn't even review them!  I guess I was wrong because I tried them on in-store about 2 weeks ago and they seemed to fit pretty well (size 2)!  So I ordered a black pair because as you know I basically live in black skinnies at work and wanted to compare the fit to not only the Gap pair I ordered but also the Gap pairs I wear currently.  I got the Khaki pair as well because I don't own any pants in that colour and it's nice to have a lighter option for pants, especially in the summer.

So, to compare Gap's Slim Cropped Pants to Old Navy's Pixie Pants:  I'm definitely curious to see how they wear, i.e. will the ON pair fade, stretch or pill more quickly due to its lower price point or will they hold their own against Gap's more expensive option?  As for fit, the ON pair are tighter all over, with a narrower leg opening.  Not quite a legging fit, but closer for sure.  Both are 95% cotton, 5% spandex blends.  I will be sure to keep you updated!

From my ON order, I will be returning the scarf and denim jacket.  I wasn't feeling the tassels on the scarf, even though it was only $8. The denim jacket, I ordered in a Petite XS after trying it not too long ago in a regular XS.  I really want a denim jacket!  I found the Petite version to be too cropped for me.

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