Rainy Days, Hangovers & Target Canada


(Jacket no name via eBay (similar striped), Sweater by Old Navy (similar for $10!), Jeans by J Brand (via local consignment shop), Boots by Hunter (via eBay)) 

This is an outfit I wore on Saturday when I was hungover and it was pouring rain.  Normally I would avoid leaving the house with a hangover, but I had decided earlier in the week to accompany T to Richmond (he had to work) so that I could go to Target.  Target has been open in Canada for over a year but I hadn't gone to one yet!  They are all out in the 'burbs and honestly I don't have any reason to go out there!  So this was a great excuse.  I took my time and just wandered around the entire store.  I wasn't in a buying/trying on mood, which was great for my wallet, and I saw tons of cute stuff.  I would say the only difference I noticed between the one I went to here and the ones in the US is that this one was poorly stocked in some cases.  The shoes were particularly bad.  Only about 50% of the shoes they carried (ie, boxes on shelves) had display pairs out.  Usually there are multiple sizes of each shoe, in each colour, on display.  So that was disappointing.  But other than that, pretty much the same as the US!  I also went to HomeSense when I was out there and picked up an extremely cute mint & white throw pillow for our couch.

Happy Wednesday!

xo jules

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  1. that coat is such a GREAT color! it looks fantastic with bright boots! and i hate, hate, hate messy target shelves! the shoe department at the store on my way home is always a complete disaster.

    dash dot dotty

    1. thanks dotty! i'm glad i'm not the only one who hates messy target shelves! do they just need more employees?

      xo julesinflats

  2. Everyone gets dressed in their rain gear and then it's outside for a tour of the neighborhood. Puddle splashing is allowed!Compact Analysis

  3. Ooh! That’s an amazing outfit. I love the jackets and boots. Can you tell me from where you got the jacket from? you seriously are a fashionista. My birthday is coming near and apart from booking one of the finest Venues in NYC, I haven’t planned anything else. I would be glad to go through your blogs for a perfect outfit for my birthday.


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