(Jacket by Le Chateau, Sweater by Old Navy (found on clearance in-store for $5!), Scarf by unknown (similar), Jeans by J Brand (via consignment store), Boots by Old Navy, Purse & Sunnies by Coach (outlet) (similar purse, similar sunnies)) 

 Hi everyone!  Welcome back from the weekend!

I took these pics when I got home from the Home Show on Friday.  Boy, was that day not what I was expecting it to be!  I woke up so so tired, you know when your eyes kind of sting all day and you feel like you're constantly squinting?  That was me.  Then after leaving the Show I made a poor turning choice leaving the parkade and ended up stuck in 3 lanes of traffic merging down to one, then construction, then no parking on, near or around Robson Street (I wanted to do some window-shopping).  So I finally decided to either head home or to Winners since I've been craving some home-style window-shopping as well ... well the route I chose for Winners from downtown was sooo slow it was unbelievable.  This is why I choose to stay home most of the time, or take the bus downtown.  Traffic & parking are just the worse.

Anyways, thanks for letting me vent for a sec there!  How was your weekend?
We spent the rest of ours pretty much hibernating on the couch as we were hit with some snow on both Saturday & Sunday!

xo jules

What I wore on this day last year

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