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Hi all!

I'm back in the Okanagan for the holidays and won't be taking any outfit pics while I'm here for the week, so from now until the New Year, I'll be posting two of my favourite outfits for every two months, on my regular posting schedule (Mon, Wed, Fri).  Click on the pink date if you want outfit details!

January 21, 2013

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xo jules

Minty the Candy Cane


(Cardigan by Gap, Top by H&M (similar), Jeans by Citizens of Humanity, Boots by Old Navy, Scarf by Le Chateau) 

Well hello there!  Do any of you get the Conan title reference?
Anyways ... this top totally makes me feel like a candy cane, and what better time of year than this for something like that?
Since I love jeans so much, and have been wearing them so often, I wanted to diversify my collection of dark skinny styles with an ankle length skinny in a lighter wash.  These Citizens of Humanity jeans were found at a local consignment store for $35. They were about 7 inches too long, and are the Ava straight leg style, so I had them tapered as well.  All in all about $30 in alterations, which was more than I was expecting.  However, they fit great and will last for a long time.  Not to mention they make my butt look great!  LOL!  Another thing I usually consider when buying something designer, is that I can usually resell it for the same price if I don't end up wearing it, or it doesn't fit, or whatever.  Sometimes it takes a little longer than I'd like it to, but it usually all works out in the end.
xo jules
What I wore on this day last year:

Weekend Recap


(Sweater by J.Crew Factory (looks like this colour is no longer available) Tank by Gap (similar), Jeans by J Brand, Shoes by Vince Camuto (outlet), Purse by Coach (outlet), Scarf by Forever 21 (similar), Earrings by Etsy (gifted, similar))

Hi everyone!  Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?

Ours was great & started off with a bang!  Friday night we went to an "Ugly Sweater" Christmas party at a friend's house.  Though we were one of the only couples to actually wear ugly sweaters, we had a great time!  Afterwards we continued the party at our place with a couple of friends and things got a little rowdy!  It was awesome.

Saturday T wasn't feeling too great so he slept most of the day & I headed out for brunch with a friend that is moving out of the country tomorrow.  So sad!  The rest of Saturday and Sunday was spent cleaning up from our After Party and lazing around, watching a lot of (we are addicted to Income Property!)

This outfit is from Saturday brunch.  I didn't want to shower and do my hair, so I did some twists at the front and pulled it back into a low bun.  Everything else is pretty much for comfort!  I'm wearing two tank tops under the sweater for warmth, and the jeans have stretch to keep me comfortable after I eat too many hash browns :)
xo jules
What I wore on this day last year:

Office 'Holiday Dinner' Outfit


(Sweater by Banana Republic Factory (similar), Skirt by H&M (similar), Tights by Gap, Shoes by Aldo (similar by Aldo, similar by Chinese Laundry), Earrings by Kate Spade (similar KS)) 

Hello!  Happy Friday!

This is what I wore on Wednesday to T's holiday work party.  It turned out to be less party, more dinner, which was fine with me.  I was happy I chose something conservative and didn't go full-on with the glitz & glamour.  I decided to have my hair done before the event, as I needed to do a trial updo with my stylist before the wedding anyways, and didn't want the updo to go to waste if we could avoid it.  Unfortunately I didn't tell the receptionist that when I booked the appointment, so my stylist assumed we were just doing a regular updo & didn't book enough time for us to try out a couple of different styles.  Live and learn!  Oh, and another thing - the hot water heater in our building was being changed on Wednesday so I couldn't wash my 2-day-dirty hair before my appointment!  So my stylist had to do that too, again cutting into our appointment time.  I'm not really too worried about it though, I'm going for a low semi-messy bun/updo for the wedding, and a different stylist (one at the resort) will be doing it so it won't be the exact same anyways!

Have a great weekend, friends!
xo jules

What I wore on this day last year:

Shades of Pink


(Sweater by Jacob (similar), Jeans by 7 for all Mankind, Boots by Hunter (via eBay), Toque by Aldo (similar), Gloves old, don't remember the brand, (similar))

Last year there were too many days when I ended up with cold, wet feet because my leather boots leaked, or I wore flats when it was dry in the morning and it ended up pouring rain later, or it randomly snowed for 2 weeks straight, that this year I was determined to purchase a pair of waterproof rain boots.  Hunter is definitely the go-to brand in Vancouver, every fashionista's got a pair & they are worn anytime it rains or snows.  I was a tad leery of getting something so ubiquitous, and had even been considering these Burberry beauties for awhile, but I wasn't sure how weatherproof they would be/how long they would last ... plus I couldn't find a pair on eBay for less than $200!  I decided to purchase these Hunters in the summer, when I thought they would be cheaper.  I stalked this pair for a few weeks, and when they had been relisted for the second or third time because of no bids, I emailed the seller with an offer.  I can't remember exactly (eBay buying history only shows 60 days), but I think I paid $100 including shipping for a new in box pair off eBay.  Pretty good considering they retail for $160 + tax.

Tonight is T's work party and I'll be back here on Friday showing you what I wore to that!
(Hint: it's also pink, but no wellies this time!)
xo jules
 What I wore on this day last year:

Winter Pastels


(Scarf by Forever 21 (similar), Sweater by J.Crew Factory, Tank by Jacob (similar), Jeans by J Brand, Socks by H&M (similar by Hue, similar by Banana Republic, Boots by Aldo (similar by Steve Madden, similar by Nine West) 

Hi everyone!

How was your weekend?
It's been cold but sunny here in Vancouver so I had to bundle up on Saturday afternoon when we headed downtown to visit the Christmas Market & see Catching Fire.  Unfortunately the Market had a huge lineup to get in so we skipped it and went to Subeez for dinner instead.  T promised we could go back when the weather warms up, and on a less busy night.  Catching Fire I thought was really good, better than the first one for sure.  Although I didn't read the book this time, so I didn't know what was going to happen which I think was a good thing.

T & I have two holiday parties this week, one for his work on Wednesday and one on Friday at a friend's place.  Supposedly it's an "Ugly Sweater" party but I don't know if that's going to happen or not!

xo jules 

What I wore on this day last year:



(Jacket by Le Chateau, Chambray by Joe Fresh (similar), Top by BDG (Urban Outfitters), Jeans by Citizens of Humanity via eBay, Boots by Aldo, Purse by Coach, Scarf by Aldo, Earmuffs by ?? (old, similar)) 

Hi everyone!

So I actually found my Coach purse on their website!  I'm not sure why I couldn't find it before, but for reference, it's the Legacy Flight Bag in Leather.  Currently it is available in Cognac, Black & Purple and retails for $228.  I managed to snag mine for a cool $60 at the Outlet store in Burlington.  Whoop whoop!

You may recall that I had my older, black fabric Coach purse sent in for repairs when I was at the Outlet.  Well, it came back yesterday!  Unfortunately Coach was unable to repair the damage (broken zipper) and gave me a 40% off any full-price item coupon.  Pretty sweet!  Additionally, I can have the zipper on my purse fixed at a local cobbler for $45 if I want to.  I haven't quite decided if I want to do that yet, as the fabric on the body of the purse is fraying and I'm not sure how much life it has left in it.  BUT, it has gotten me thinking about what kind of new bag I would like.  I have been lusting after the Candace in black pebbled leather for awhile, but it's quite professional-looking and I don't know if that is something I want to convey.  Perhaps if I had a job!  Last night while browsing the Coach website I came across the Madison Small Phoebe and it looks like a serious first-place contender.  It's roomy, has 3 separate compartments, comes in black pebbled leather, isn't too big for my frame & is different from any other bag that I have.  Decisions, decisions!
xo jules

What I wore on this day last year:

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