A Long-Winded Post About My New Purse


(Jacket by Le Chateau, Sweater & Leggings by Gap, Scarf by Old Navy, Shoes by Banana Republic (outlet), Purse by Coach) 

So ... I bought a new Coach purse!

It definitely was not in the budget or on my shopping list when we went to Seattle last weekend, but I have been wanting a new purse for some time.  My black Coach purse's zipper to the main compartment has been broken for over 6 months and I haven't wanted to shell out the $45 to fix it when the body of the bag is fading and fraying in some parts.  I figured I would live with the broken zipper until I found a decently priced replacement.  And then, I was on my way to the Lululemon Outlet, and I passed by the Coach Factory Store.  Why not just pop in, I thought.  Just take a quick look around.  Well, the second I entered the store a sales associate gives me a coupon for an extra 50% off everything in the store - tempt me why don't you?!  So I had a quick look around and didn't see anything amazing.  Then, my eye caught this bin with a jumble of bags in it.  I rummaged around and found this beauty.   There were no tags on it, so I asked a SA if she could find out how much it was.  After some digging, she let me know that it was $65 CAD, including tax!  I couldn't pass it up, and as she was ringing me through I mentioned that the reason I was buying it was because of the zipper on my current bag, showing her.  She suggested I send it to Coach to be repaired, only paying $10 shipping each way.  I was thrilled!  So she filled out the forms and explained the repairs process to me, which took a little longer than I would have liked, but only because we were on a limited schedule at the Outlets, and away my old purse goes to be fixed!  In 4-6 weeks they'll ship it back to my home address and I will have two lovely, usable Coach purses for a very nice price.
xo jules 

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