(Top by Forever 21, Jeans by Gap (outlet), Shoes by Urban Outfitters, Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.) 

I forgot that I also purchased these black skinny jeans from the Gap outlet when I was there in July ... I guess because I hadn't worn them yet!  They are the "1969 Always Skinny" in 26/2 and boy are they tight!  Yowza!  I think I would classify them as jeggings as they are super stretchy, but they do hold their shape.  I would definitely recommend them if you are in the market for a pair of black skinny jeans/jeggings.

Anyways, how was your weekend?
We got into a bit of an impromptu furniture re-arrange with a couple of cabinets in our den/sunroom area which has left us with a countertop full of glasses and booze that have nowhere to go.  Seriously.  Our kitchen cupboards are totally full and we have no plan for what to do with the contents of our liquor-cabinet-no-more.  If only an amazing, cheap, bar cart would miraculously appear!
xo jules

Here's what I wore on this day last year:

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