Busy Casa


(Top & Shorts by Banana Republic (outlet), Sandals by Le Chateau, Necklace by Aldo) 

Hi there!  How's your week going?

Things are busy this week at our casa: T started a new job on Monday (taking our car with him); my parents were in town last night in advance of their Alaskan cruise which leaves today; my sister and brother in law and their kids are on their way into town to see Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z tonight & I am babysitting for them; and my brother and sister in law are also going to the concert & sleeping on our couch tonight.  Tomorrow I think I am doing a hike on the north shore with my sis & the kids and then Friday we are having a beach day.  Should be good times!  I am so thankful to not be working right now so I can enjoy the time with my family while they are visiting.
xo jules

Here's what I wore on this day last year:

Summer Style LInk Up (Belated) & Weekend Recap


(Top by Wilfred (via Aritzia), Pants by H&M, Shoes by Aldo, Necklace by Tiffany & Co. Sunglasses by H&M (Men's Dept.)) 

Why hello there!  Happy Monday!

This post was scheduled for last Thursday's Summer Style Link Up.  Which I forgot to post in my rush to get on the road ... doh!  Anyways, on the weekend we went road trippin' again to visit my family in the Okanagan.  Temps were around 37 Celsius and sunny and I loved lounging around, swimming, and playing in my parents' pool.
This outfit is from last week when I had to do some walking around the city doing errands.  You might not think a tube top is good for that kind of thing, but I was hoping to get rid of my tan lines while out & about in the sun.  I'm not really sure if it did anything or not, but the top is super comfy nonetheless and I didn't have to adjust it too much!

xo jules

Here's what I wore on this day last year:

Weekend Recap


(Dress/Tunic by H&M, Belt by F21, Shoes by Le Chateau, Earrings by Call it Spring, Lips Covergirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm in Hibiscus, Nails Essie Disco Fever) 

Hi there! Happy Monday!

As you read this, T & I will be on our way back to Vancouver from Seattle, stopping at the Seattle Premium Outlets, no doubt.  Friday we packed up the car and headed out to stay with friends in Seattle.  Two other sets of friends from Vancouver met us there.  Saturday morning all of us Canadians drove to the Gorge, set up camp, and settled in to see John Mayer.  If you haven't been, I highly recommend you see a concert at the Gorge in your lifetime.  It doesn't even matter who it is.  Most amazing venue ever.  Sunday morning we packed up again and T and I went back to Seattle while everyone else headed home to Vancouver.  T's not working this week so we wanted to take an extra day to visit with our Seattle friends & hit up the outlets on Monday on the way home.

I hope you had an awesome weekend, too!
xo jules
 Here's what I wore on this day last year:

Summer Style Link Up


(Hat by Old Navy, Dress by Gap (outlet), Necklace by Aldo, Sandals by American Eagle Outfitters) 

I am not a hat person at all.  My choice of sun protection has always been over sized sunglasses but last summer, for some reason, this hat caught my eye while I was shopping at Old Navy in the States.  I thought it actually looked cute.  And it was cheap, so I bought it.
And lo and behold, I actually wore it.  And still do!
So while I still consider myself not a hat person, I can still wear this one every once and awhile when the sun rolls around :)

Summer Style Link Up here.
xo jules

Here's what I wore on this day last year:

Open Back T-Shirt


(Top by H&M (?), Pants & Belt by Joe Fresh, Sandals by Le Chateau, Sunglasses by H&M (Mens Dept)) 

So now that I'm not working my outfit posts are probably going to be a bit more casual.  And my hair a bit messier!  I am just so over blow-drying in this heat, not to mention using a curling iron or flat iron.  Luckily for me my hair is pretty passable when it's air-dried.  

This T is a casual favourite of mine.  The open back makes it a little sexy and it's made from this really thin, soft cotton.  I'm pretty sure it's H&M that I got on random sale but I really can't remember.  Or maybe Urban Outfitters?  In any case, do yourself a favour and buy a T-shirt with an open back.  I promise you'll love it!
xo jules
Here's what I wore on this day last year:

End of Work


(Top & Pants by H&M, Shoes & Bracelet by Aldo) 

This is what I wore on my last day of work.

That's right, I am no longer working at the art gallery where I have been the manager for just over 3 years.  Unfortunately the gallery owners have decided to close up shop.  It is sad thing, but I am looking at is an opportunity for me to take my career into the public art gallery field.

So far, I have been loving not having to go to work.  The weather has been outstanding and I have so much time to do all those little things that seemed to nag at me when I was working - organizing my scarves, taking clothes to get altered, sorting items to donate and then actually donating them, grocery shopping, repairing our tent & air mattress ... the list goes on!

Luckily in Canada, when you lose your job through no fault of your own (like in this case), you are eligible to receive Employment Insurance (EI) which is usually 55% of your salary (before taxes).  So I will still be receiving some income from that until I find a new job.

Until then, I am going to enjoy the summer and I hope you will too!
xo jules

Here's what I wore on this day last year:

A Day Late & A Trip Booked


(Cardigan by Zara, Top by H&M, Jeans by J Brand, Sandals by Le Chateau) 


This outfit is from a couple of weeks ago when the weather was a bit cooler 'round these parts - it has gotten much hotter & more 'summery' since!

Also, yes I should have posted this yesterday.  I had time to do it and everything.  I just didn't know what to write.  I had nothing to say.
But today, exciting news!  We booked our two week trip to Mexico in January for our wedding!
Woo woo!
xo jules

Here's what I wore on this day last year:

Weekend Recap + Lace Skirt & Striped Top


(Vest by Gap (outlet), Top & Skirt by H&M, Sandals by Aldo (outlet), Necklace by Joe Fresh) 

Hi there! Happy Monday!

 Our weekend was spent at a lakeside cabin with no cell service, no tv, an outhouse, a horseshoe pit, two fire pits and enough beds for 28 people (!).  It was awesome.  There were 12 adults and 3 kids and we had a great time day drinking, boating, making smores and just relaxing.

What did you get up to on the weekend? 
xo jules

Here's what I wore on this day last year:

Away for the Weekend


(Top & Pants by H&M, Tank by Jacob, Shoes & Necklace by Aldo) 

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

As you read this I will be sitting lakeside, in the North Okanagan.
Every summer, my family gets together for a camping trip in a new part of the province (or Washington State).  This year, we are going to my cousin's husband's family's cabin on Mabel Lake.  It is a bit of a drive from Vancouver (6 hours!) but I always look forward to seeing my family and having a carefree long weekend.

I hope you have a great one as well!
xo jules

Here's what I wore on this day last year:

The Girl in the Long Black Dress


(Top by Song, Skirt by Joe Fresh, Necklace by Aldo, Sandals by Le Chateau) 

Well, that's a little bit of a lie as this is a top & skirt, not a dress.
You know what's cute?  T calls skirts dresses. Every time.  It's all the same to him I think :)
Here's the balcony upgrade I was talking about awhile ago.  Basically a cute outdoor rug from Ikea and a couple of chairs.  Basic, but an upgrade nonetheless.  I have really been enjoying hanging out here on sunny days.
 Happy 4th of July for tomorrow for all of my American friends & readers!
xo jules
  Here's what I wore on this day last year:

Summer Days


(Scarf by F21, Top by H&M, Jeans by J Brand, Shoes by Urban Outfitters) 

Why hello!  Happy Canada Day!

T & are loving the long weekend and especially the fact that it actually feels like summer!
I remember clearly that the last 3 Canada Days have been rainy, overcast, cold or in some other way decidedly not-summer-like.  So this past weekend has been a real treat.

Friday night we went for Italian at Campagnolo, a little gem I'd heard good things about, then checked out the Chinatown Night Market (meh).  Saturday we slept in (no surprise there!) then headed to Kits Beach for burgers, sun & reading on our picnic blanket.
 Sunday I lounged in the sun on our balcony for the better part of the day while T went golfing.
xo jules

Here's what I wore on this day last year:
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