Karma & Cravings


(Dress by H&M, Belt by Joe Fresh, Sandals by Aldo) 

It's "What I Wore to Work" Linkup day!

And yes, I wore a shirt-dress twice last week.

I am usually pretty good about controlling my cravings for sweets & other things I know are bad for my health (ie, potato chips, fries).  However the other day my willpower lost out to my cravings for cream cheese frosting & carrot cake.  After seeing this recipe last week, I've been craving it.  But I don't often make cakes or bars because T doesn't eat it (he's not into that kind of stuff) so then I end up eating it, if not just for the fact that I don't want it to go to waste.  Sometimes I will halve recipes, but even half a cake is a lot.  So anyways, the other day, after lunch, I was bored at work and craving carrot cake.  So I went across the street to Blenz and bought myself a piece.  The outside was so hard and crusty I think it had been sitting in the cooler for at least 5 days.  But I ate it anyways.  It was ok.  Satisfied the craving, at least.  And then what happens?  I get a stomachache.  Yup, karma's a bitch.
xo jules

Here's what I wore on this day last year:


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