Happy Monday!
(Blazer by F21, Skirt and Sweater by H&M, Tank by Jacob, Shoes by Aldo, Necklace by Tiffany & Co.) 

Sorry for the late post!  This weekend was super busy with wedding dress shopping and then shooting & editing our wedding video invitation.  There was absolutely zero downtime for blog reading, pinterest browsing or blog posting.

  (Vest by Gap, Top by H&M, Pants by Joe Fresh, Scarf by F21, Shoes by Aldo) 

There's nothing quite like a super busy weekend followed immediately by an incredibly slow-moving Monday.  I've been looking at the clock every 10 minutes and cannot get over how little time has passed! 
xo jules

Spring Green & Stripes


(Cardigan, Shoes & Necklace by H&M, Top by Banana Republic (outlet), Pants by Zara) 
Hi everyone!  Happy Friday!

I am really excited for this weekend.  My bridesmaid(s) Sister and Cousin are coming down from the Okanagan to go wedding dress shopping with me!  This will be our second trip and I think it will really help me narrow down what I want.  T & I are also going to work on our wedding video invitation ... we finally have an idea nailed down & I can't wait to see how it turns out!
xo jules 

Here's what I wore on this day last year:

Lemon Yellow Striped Sweater & Wear to Work Link Up


(Sweater by Joe Fresh, Scarf by F21, Pants by Gap, Boots by Aldo) 

I'm so happy to be participating in Tara's "Wear to Work Link Up" today!

This look is probably more casual than most people can wear to work, but it's one of my faves from the past week.  The bright yellow stripe is super fresh for spring even though my bottom half is all black.  Of course the pink lip and scarf help, too! 

xo jules

Earth Day


Happy Monday & Happy Earth Day!

(Top by Joe Fresh, Pants by H&M, Belt & Shoes by Aldo, Necklace by F21)

The above outfit made me feel like a J.Crew/Joe Fresh model.  Something about the chambray button up & hot pink slim pants ...

(Blazer & Dress by H&M, Belt by F21, Tights by Aritzia, Boots by Aldo) 

And with this outfit I decided to keep the colour palette simplified to black, white & blue.

Have a fantastic week! 
xo jules

Here's what I wore on this day last year:


End of the Week - Pink and Yellow


It's finally Friday!
Time for the weekend!

(Top by H&M, Pants by Old Navy, Shoes by H&M) 

This week has gone by SO slowly!  I am so happy it's finally the weekend.

(Top by H&M, Skirt & Shoes by F21, Necklace by Aldo) 

We don't have any major plans - a birthday dinner for a good friend Saturday night, I need to go bra shopping, T might to golfing on Sunday and lots more wedding planning!
xo jules

Wedding Wednesday


Happy Wednesday!

   (Blazer, Blouse & Pants by H&M, Sweater by Zara, Necklace by Aldo, Shoes by Urban Outfitters) 

This week has been really busy with wedding planning stuff so I am actually writing this this morning.  Which is shocking considering I stayed up late last night working on our wedding website.
At first, I thought it would be really easy to just use one of the hundreds of website templates available all over the net (, weddingwindow, weduary, weddingwoo, ewedding ....).  I looked at them all.  There was even one I was really excited about ... until I found out that the theme I wanted was $70/year + $20 for a custom domain + + +.  Ridiculous.  So I hit up Blogger last night to see what I could up with.  So far, I am really happy with the design.  Onwards and upwards, as they say!
xo jules

Stripes & Stripes


Hi everyone!
Happy middle of April! (OMG!)

(Dress by Old Navy, Shoes & Bracelet by Aldo (gifted), Headband by unknown)   

Although the sun is shining in these pictures, it was actually quite windy and a little too cold for bare legs that day!  Luckily I was inside for most of the day and by the time I walked home after work the wind had died down quite a bit.

(Top by H&M, Pants by Gap, Shoes by Banana Republic, Necklace by Joe Fresh) 

On this day, I thought it was supposed to be sunny but it ended up pouring rain & I came home at lunchtime to change to my flats for boots!
xo jules

Here's what I wore on this day last year:

Bright Lips & Belt


   (Blazer by H&M, Top by Old Navy, Pants & Shoes by Gap, Necklace by Tiffany & Co.) 

I usually shy away from a bright lip but looking at these pics I think I should rock one more often!
Lipstick is very intimidating to me, so the new 'balm stains' are a perfect way to introduce colour to my lips.  This colour is 'Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain' in 'Smitten'.

 (Dress by Banana Republic (outlet), Belt by F21, Tights by Gap, Shoes by Aldo, Earrings by unkown)

 This is a fantastic spring/summer belt.  I think it really added a great pop of colour to this otherwise neutral outfit.
Have a great weekend, all!
xo jules

Here's what I wore on this day last year:
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