(Cardigan by Gap (similar), Jeans by 7 for all Mankind, Top by Song (similar), Scarf gifted (brand unknown, similar), Shoes by Polo (similar)) 

7 for all Mankind make my favourite jeans.  They are expensive, sure, but when you find a pair that fit like a glove & you know you will wear for years, I think it's worth it.  Of course, I am slightly obsessed with jeans & would wear them all the time if I could. Other people avoid wearing them at all costs.  I'm not sure if that's because they could never find a pair they fell in love with, or for some other reason ... ?

Jeans are about the only wardrobe item that I can justify spending a large amount of money on (and even then, I do try to buy pre-owned if I can).  I know that the quality & wear forever argument could be made for a lot of other pieces of clothing as well, if you so desired, but for most of my other clothes, I like the idea of buying new every couple of years when something wears out, or I get sick of it, or my style changes.  I just can't envision myself buying an expensive sweater and wanting to wear it for the next 10 years.  Ok, or 5.

What about you?  Anything in particular you like to spend money on ?  What about saving ?
xo jules


  1. I completely agree. Denim is the only item I can splurge on. I wear jeans on a daily basis so Ill know they will get more than enough use. The second item would probably be a classic shoe. Other than that I try not to spend much money on other stuff.

  2. I would spend money on jeans but I haven't found an expensive pair I love. Right now I'd only splurge on bags or coats. I wouldn't really splurge on shoes because I would destroy them haha.


    1. i totally agree about shoes! i think bags & coats are probably worth it too though. xo


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