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(Cords by Old Navy, Blazer by F21, Cardigan & Top by H&M (similar), (similar), Belt by F21 (from a dress), (similar), Boots by Aldo (similar), Necklaces by TIffany & Co. & F21 (similar)) 

 Yes, these pants are new.
A lot of petite bloggers have written about the Old Navy Rockstar Jeans & how great they are (fit well, come in a wide range of colour, good price)I have to admit, I was tempted to purchase a pair this spring when mint coloured jeans were really in, or red, or lilac or something.  But I just felt like I wouldn't be able to wear them to work & that I would probably choose regular jeans over coloured ones for non-work outifts.
Then, Fall came, and retailers decided that skinny cords would be 'in'.  I was tempted at Gap, but at $69.50 a pop,  I couldn't pull the trigger.  Enter Old Navy, with its seemingly-limitless colour choices & $30 price tag.  Red was tempting, but since I already have 2 (of the same pair!) pairs of red pants, I decided on green.  'Basil Pesto' to be exact.  First, I ordered them in a size 2.  They fit ... like a legging.  I felt a bit like a sausage.  So I exchanged them.  But they didn't have a 4R, just a 4P (petite), which I figured would be fine.  Let me tell you, they seemed to fit the exact same as the size 2!  So finally I got a 6, hoping that they would be the winner.  And they are!  Yay! I figured I could probably get away with wearing these cords at work ... occasionally ... or on 'casual' days ... or on days when my boss isn't at work, like today!
xo jules


  1. i love your blazer, you have a cool photos! :D gorgeous!
    Im following you now! Mind to follow back? Kisses <3

    1. Thanks Rin! I will check out your site! xo


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