Oh, Canada


(Top by Old Navy (similar), Tank by Bedo (similar), Pants by Zara (similar), Shoes by Urban Outfitters (similar), Jewelry by no name) 

Happy Holiday Monday Canada!
It was raining in these pictures, but not really enough for an umbrella.

The weather in Vancouver on Canada Day has really sucked these past couple of years - yesterday it was ok, but definitely not nice enough for a beach day.  T and I took it easy, going for brunch and then some tennis.  It was great!
xo jules


  1. I like your flats a lot! Ive been looking for a soft lavender colored flat. I just bought a pair of loud obnoxious gold glitter flats for sunday brunches, which I'll show on my blog soon.

    I've been to Vancouver once, my boyfriend and I stayed there for a night before driving out to Lake Louise and hiking the Abott Pass.

    1. thanks teresa! i love these flats too & have gotten lots of compliments on them :) xo

  2. Happy Holiday! I love the top! Very cute! If you have a chance please come by my blog :)

  3. oh, i love the flats! hopefully, you'll have some sunshine soon.



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