Brights, Stripes & Chevrons


(Top & Pants by H&M, Scarf by F21, Shoes by Old Navy) 

Let me just say that it took a couple of tries to get this outfit right!  I should have taken pics for you to compare!  Firstly, this shirt has not seen the light of day for quite some time, and for no particular reason other than I have been playing favourites with other shirts.  Secondly, I thought it would be fun to wear my scarf with orange and white polka dots.  Well, it was fun, but it didn't look very good!  Third, I wanted to wear sandals because a. the weather is great and b. i just re-did my pedicure on Sunday!  But, the sandals just didn't look right.  So on comes this scarf and then these shoes, also with a chevron pattern, were just calling my name!  So anyways.  That's the story of this bright and colourful outfit.  I hope you enjoyed it :)
xo jules

Blue, Green & Leopard


(Cardigan by Zara, Dress & Shoes by Banana Republic Outlet, Belt by American Apparel, Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.) 

Hey everyone!  Happy Monday!
Did you have all have an awesome weekend ?
We went furniture shopping and found a pretty great couch; T made progress on a driftwood wine rack; I sourced & priced out some very non-exciting things at Home Depot (closet doors, kitchen track lighting, a laser level) and had some great backyard sun time.
Today is catching up on blog reading & grocery shopping.
Here's to a fantastic week!

xo jules

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(Top by Urban Outfitters, Skirt by Joe Fresh, Sandals by Le Chateau, Necklace by F21) 

Good Morning and Happy Friday!
I must admit, I am not feeling the greatest today after last night's BBQ festivities, but it was totally worth it!  Enter: comfortable and no-fuss outfit that doesn't require too much brain power.  That's it for now, have a great weekend!
xo jules



(Top no name, Skirt by H&M, Shoes by Aldo, Bracelets by Sirens, Ring by Le Chateau) 

Hello lovelies!
This must be quick as T & I are expecting company any minute for a BBQ, and I have to say, the weather is perfect!
You may realize you haven't seen these shoes before ... yes, they are new!  I purchased them over the weekend for all of $28. Thank you, Aldo sale!

xo jules

3 Layers


(Dress by Zara, Vest by H&M, Belt by F21, Shoes by Aldo, Jewelry by Tiffany & Co., Headband by no name) 

Yesterday my bangs were annoying the F out of me so today they needed to be tamed.  Enter, headband.  When I had long hair, I loved how headbands looked on me.  Now with short hair, I'm not so sure ...
I think what I really need, is to get my bangs trimmed.
Anyways, here's another really easy and quite comfortable ensemble I am wearing to work.  I actually have on 3 layers (slip, dress, vest) so if it does happen to get chilly, I will be ok.  Yay!   
xo jules

Blazer Love


(Blazer by F21, Top by H&M, Pants by Zara, Shoes by Urban Outfitters, Necklace by Joe Fresh) 

I was looking through old posts yesterday, trying to find examples for the yellow skirt yesterday, when I came across an outfit using this blazer.  I don't think it hasn't gotten enough wear (although the fraying liner would disagree) and today was a little chillier so it worked out perfectly!
xo jules

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(Top by H&M (similar by H&M), Skirt by F21 (similar in neon, similar over $100), Shoes by Le Chateau, Necklace by Aldo (similar by Aldo))

Hi everyone, happy Monday!
Apologies for being m.i.a. last week (Thurs, Fri); we didn't get all of the painting done in one day so I had two days of painty-clothes dressing.  While it was great not having to think about what to wear, it also made me realize that I do take a lot pride in what I wear and I felt a bit embarrassed walking around (even just to the gym!) in painty-clothes.  This feminine skirt was the perfect solution (worn on Saturday to work)!

PS have you seen the Passion for Red fall campaign by H&M ?  I love every look!
xo jules
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(Top by Banana Republic (outlet) (similar), Pants by H&M (similar), Shoes by Le Chateau, Necklaces by F21 (similar) & Tiffany & Co.) 

Hello hello!
It wasn't really warm enough for sleeveless today but I didn't realize that until I had left the house.  It has been so warm in Vancouver that I just kind of assumed that, although the weather report said 22 and variable clouds, it would get sunny and warm.  It didn't.

However, I did not freeze as the gallery holds heat (in the summer, not the winter (argh!)) pretty well.
Tomorrow we are doing some touch up painting on the gallery walls so I will not be posting that outfit!  Perhaps a summary of what I ended up keeping/returning/exchanging from my Old Navy order a week or so ago.  We'll see!

xo jules
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(Tank by Song (similar), Skirt by H&M (similar, similar), Flats by F21 (similar), Necklace by Aldo (similar)) 

Outfits pics are a great way to tell if something really fits you or not.  After taking these, I realized that the proportions of this outfit are off - the necklace is a bit too long, the skirt a bit too high-waisted, or too long.  So I made a few adjustments and I think it looks much better.  For some reason those things were just not obvious in the mirror.
I had planned on wearing this outfit with black sandals because I am that person who doesn't understand wearing closed-toe shoes in the summer/hot weather when sandals are an option ... this outfit proved me wrong!  Sandals were just too casual for this pretty skirt!  
xo jules

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Black and White


(Top by Song, Pants & Necklace by Joe Fresh, Sandals by Aldo, Ring by Tiffany & Co.) 

Hello lovelies!
Just a short post today as I am on my way to work, and after work I am heading out of town for the weekend!  I hope you all have a great one!
xo jules

Boho (?)


(Vest by Gap (outlet) (similar), Shirt by H&M (similar), Skirt by Song (similar), Shoes & Necklace by Aldo (similar, similar))

Why hello there!
I don't have a heck of a lot to talk about today so I'll just say that I feel this outfit is slightly bohemian ... do you agree?  Something about the printed skirt and cream sweater vest paired together I think.  I originally hadn't planned on wearing the vest, but the outfit was just too boring without.  Believe me, with this beautiful weather, and extra layer is not needed!
xo jules



(Dress by Zara (similar), Scarf by Old Navy, Sandals by Le Chateau, Ring by Tiffany & Co.) 

Sooooo, confession time.  I copied this outfit off my boss!  She wore a plain black dress with a polka dot scarf yesterday and here I am, the very next day, wearing pretty much the same thing!
You may recall from this post that I have contemplating ordering a few goodies from Old Navy, this scarf being one of them.  Well, the order arrived yesterday and I am pretty happy.
I decided against the gingham shirts, and took the plunge on the neon denim cut-offs (which is great, because it is actually shorts weather!!)  I also ordered these extremely cute polka dot shorts in black (looks like black is now sold out) in a size 4 (same as the neon cut offs), but they are too big!  Sigh.  I could probably shrink them and they would fit, but I don't want to risk it so they are going back :(  Should I get them in green or tropical sunset or just forget it ?

Lastly, I ordered a new bikini.  Or thought I did.  Somehow I ended up with two tops rather than a top and a bottom and I can't decide if it's worth the hassle to exchange one of the tops or if I should just return.  We'll see!
xo jules



(Top by Banana Republic (outlet) (similar), Pants by Gap, Shoes & Necklace by Aldo (similar ,similar)

I don't have very many items in this green tone, but this is a great summer shirt.  Easy, breezy, lightweight ... the only bad thing is that it wrinkles easily.  I like this hot pink necklace paired with it too!  Thoughts?  
xo jules

The Red Dress


(Dress by Urban Outfitters, Slip by no name, Sandals by Le Chateau, Necklace worn as a bracelet by Joe Fresh) 

 I am totally amazed that I have only worn this dress once since starting my blog.  I was agonizing over how to remix this dress and was convinced that I had worn pretty much the exact same thing at some point in the recent past and that you would see that although having an awesome, comfortable, go-to dress in your closet is great, it's also kind of hard to re-style!
Anyways, this dress has been in my closet for at least 4 years, and the only reason I know that distinct time period is because I remember wearing it to a job interview (which I got, by the way) in 2008.   Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I've worn this dress for 2 job interviews!
xo jules
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