What colour are these pants ?


(Cardigan by Gap, Blouse & Pants by H&M, Shoes by Urban Outfitters, Belt by Joe Fresh, Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.) 

The weather got really crappy this afternoon so I'm glad I snapped these pics in the morning sunlight!  These are new pants from H&M ... and I am having trouble determining what colour they are!  When I bought them, I thought they were hot pink.  In my closet they look orangey-red ?!  I was also not convinced that I had purchased the correct size as they are tiny bit baggy ... but the store was out of the smaller size so I figured for $17.95 I could rock the baggier look and/or attempt to shrink them in the dryer!  So far, they feel like they fit very nicely :) 
xo jules

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