Bare Legs


 (Cardigan by Gap, Skirt by Dynamite, Shoes by Banana Republic (outlet), Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.)

The first day wearing a skirt with no tights!  I actually fared pretty well with my bare legs, though I have to admit that I threw on a teal scarf and jacket to head to work and the scarf stayed on all day.  Something about a scarf around the neck that really does keep you warm.  This skirt is a recent purchase and first time wear.  I really like it, but it is unlined and tight on the bum which can be unflattering (the white part) ... perhaps some nude bum-covering spanx would fix that ?!  Anyways, I tend to think that kind of thing when I get dressed and then forget about it because during the day I'm not looking at my bum in the mirror (you know ... its easier to be self conscious about something that you can see all the time).  So, whatever.  I'm not going to worry about it.

xo jules  


  1. Don't worry about it! I love that attitude. It's a great skirt and you look wonderful :)

    The Fashionable ESQ

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