The great dress pant dilemma continues


(Cardigan and Pants by Gap, Shirt by H&M, Belt, Necklace and Ring by Aldo, Shoes by Old Navy, other Ring by Tiffany & Co.)

I think I found a cute way to wear dress pants!  I wore black skinny pants on Tuesday and just really didn't want to wear them again today (and I like to alternate days with pants and skirts/dresses ... is that weird ?).  So I pulled what are probably my favourite pair of black dress pants (True Straight by GAP, size 2) and, voila!  I think the key is to find a fitted top, tuck it in, and belt it ... (also the pants should actually fit you).  Thoughts ?

xo jules


  1. I honestly like a straightleg or skinny cut better (looks wise) but I find that pants like yours are more comfortable...I have my "Old Faithful" pair from Old Navy that have a trashed hem, but I still wear them w/ tucked in blouses.

    The Fashionable ESQ

    1. I totally agree, straight leg/skinny are my preference too! But I have a closet full of pants like this, in various colours and fabrics and want to find some way to wear them before I totally give up!

      xo jules

  2. This outfit is really cute. I like how the edge of the striped shirt is peeking out of the cardigan sleeves. Adds a nice touch. Great belt too.



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