(Blazer by RW&Co., Sweater by Old Navy, Blouse by H&M, Pants by Gap, Boots by Aldo, Necklace by Tiffany & Co., Earrings by Le Chateau)

Whenever I wear skinny pants, boots and a blazer I feel like I look like I'm going to ride a horse.  But its such an easy outfit to put together, and I love wearing boots when it's raining so that my feet don't get cold and wet.  So ... too horsey or just right ?


  1. I like this look. Your outside patio area is adorable.


    The Fashionable ESQ

  2. My first comment! Thanks The Fashionable ESQ!

    I'm glad to hear you think this look isn't too equestrian. And I have to credit my boyfriend T for the patio as it was a total mess last winter and he completely re-did it in the spring, making it so amazing!


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